7 Signs To Look For If You Drink Too Much Water

7 Signs To Look For If You Drink Too Much Water

As you know, it is important to drink enough water on a daily basis. After all, this clear liquid is responsible for keeping our bodies functioning properly. If you drink less water, you will end up suffering from dehydration — a sign that can cause several problems like a loss of strength, easily feel irritated as well as suffering from dry mouth and chapped lips. However, drinking too much water isn’t any better since overhydration can lead to a few side effects as well. But how do you know whether you are overhydrated? Here are the 7 Signs To Look For If You Drink Too Much Water.

1) You Are Peeing… Like A Lot

Often find yourself urinating more than usual? Chances are you may be drinking too much water. If you are taking frequent bathroom breaks more than 6 times a day, it’s time to cut back on your water consumption. Besides, imagine you are supposed to catch some z’s but your would-be precious sleep got interrupted due to the aforementioned problem.

Signs Of Drinking Too Much Water #1: You Are Peeing... Like A Lot
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2) The Colour Of Your Urine Is Crystal Clear

Did you know that the colour of your urine can determine your hydration status? If your urine happens to be crystal clear, it is a clear indication that you’re drinking too much water. But if the colour turns out to be deep or dark yellow, you are obviously dehydrated and need to increase your water consumption. The ideal colour of your urine that you should be looking for is pale or light yellow.

Signs Of Drinking Too Much Water #2: Your Urine Colour Is Crystal Clear
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3) You Are Feeling Fatigued

Sure, drinking more water can give you more energy. Like keeping you awake at your desk while working after lunch. And yet, drinking too much water is a different story altogether. Put it this way: the more you drink water means you are basically overworking your kidney. As a result, you will be left feeling tired and drowsy.

Signs Of Drinking Too Much Water #3: You Are Feeling Fatigued
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4) You Are Feeling Nauseous

Again, the negative effect of drinking too much water can even cause nausea. Why? Because your kidney has a tough time getting rid of the extra liquid in your body. This, in turn, leads to a drop of sodium levels in your blood, causing not only nausea but also potential headache, diarrhoea and even vomiting.

Signs Of Drinking Too Much Water #4: You Are Feeling Nauseous
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5) Your Muscles Start To Cramp Easily

Believe it or not, the affected sodium levels in your blood due to overhydration can lead to muscle spasms, weakness and even cramps. If that’s happened to you, try cutting down your water consumption and see how you feel. And according to The Healthy, you can avoid muscle issues by “replacing a couple of glasses of water a day with coconut water”. Besides, coconut water has plenty of electrolytes — the very minerals crucial for maintaining proper fluid balance in your body.

Signs Of Drinking Too Much Water #5: Your Muscle Starts To Cramp Easily
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6) You Find Your Lips, Hands Or Feet… Swollen

Here’s the thing about drinking too much water, where it can cause the cells of your body and brain to swell. Coupled with the sodium-level deficiency that leads to fluid retention, you might end up suffering from a condition called hyponatremia. You will notice your hands, lips and/or feet beginning to swell or suffer from discolouration. The solution? Try reducing your water intake and see whether your symptom wears off.

Signs Of Drinking Too Much Water #6: Your Lips, Hands & Feet... Swollen
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7) You Find Yourself Drinking Water Even When You Are Not Thirsty

While feeling thirsty means you need to quench your body with some water, drinking too much isn’t going to do you any good either. So, if you regularly refill your water bottle or cup and drink more than your body needs, it’s time to put it a stop. According to The Healthy, “the best way to know if your body really needs more water is to consciously aware of whether or not you actually feel thirsty”.

Signs Of Drinking Too Much Water #7: Drinking Water Even When You Are Not Thirsty
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