Friends Finally Reuniting For A Special One-Off Episode! We Can’t Wait!

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For a whole decade most of the world was watching six friends navigate their way through life. All six of them were lovable in their own ways and made us want to be part of the group. When the show aired it’s final episode, we all had to say goodbye with teary eyes. For many years after we were teased with possible reunions of the gang. In fact, the closest we got was a two-hour-special onstage back in 2016. However, we have finally gotten confirmation that the six of them will be reuniting!

The Iconic Friends

Each 22-minute episode was filled with drama, friendship, and lots of laughs. Monica was always whipping up something delicious for everyone to eat. Chandler and Joey had the ultimate bromance that always put a smile on our faces.

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Meanwhile the romance between Rachel and Ross generally had us on the edge of our seats. Their will-they will-they-not moments were more than some of us could bear. And of course nobody could Phoebe and her eccentric character. She was always a breath of fresh air with her different perspectives. (Remember when she went running with Rachel?)

So of course it left most of us quite sad when the show had to air it’s final episode. We had to say goodbye to the six friends after ten beautiful seasons.

A Reunion!

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Moving on, there always seemed to be people and the media pushing for the friends to have a reunion for us to enjoy. Unfortunately there was never a real reunion. In fact, the closest we got was the two-hour-special on NBC. However, during this segment Matthew Perry was unable to join. Which meant it didn’t really feel like a proper reunion.

Fast forward to today and news has just been announced that there will be a REAL REUNION! The cast will be officially working together once more for a one-off special on HBO Max. Each actor has taken to their official Instagram page to announce it so we know it’s real this time!

While this isn’t an actual show with multiple episodes, it will still be really fun to watch them work together once again. Since all of them are now older, we can expect it to be about their lives in the present.

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In addition, the special episode will be directed by Ben Winston and executive producers Kevin Bright, Marta Kauffman, and David Crane. This time however, the actors will also be executive producing the special episode.

Furthermore, HBO Max has acquired all 236 episodes of Friends which is no longer available on Netflix. Therefore, the special episode as well as every Friends episode will be available to stream on HBO Max.

We can’t wait for the special episode to debut on HBO Max in May this year. Moreover, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us! What do you think the special episode will be about?