7 Most Popular Jewellery Combinations for Your Friday Night Out

7 most popular jewellery combinations for your Friday night out
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After diving deep into your favourite activity of the week, which is the lovely 9 to 5 weekday job (sweet Saturday included for some), we bet you are looking forward to your long awaited Friday night out with awesome friends and brag about your amazing job, your pleasant manager, your fabulous colleagues WHILE looking gorgeous, right ladies? After a long hot shower, you apply your best fragrance, put on your nice dress, you’ll walk towards your jewellery box, rummage through it, thinking which one should you wear. Think no more! Here we will walk you through 7 most popular jewellery combinations for your Friday night out.

1) Highlight the positives

The best way is to use your accessories only to accentuate your features or use the articles of jewellery that showcase your garments more vivaciously. For example, you’ll make your neck look longer if you wear long earrings. Similarly, cuffs will set off perfectly with half sleeves or elbow length.

Highlight the positives
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2) Statement necklace with cuff/bracelet/bangle

A casual party or group hangout is a great time to have a little extra fun and experiments with jewellery. Aim high, be the conversation of the day by putting on your proud statement necklace that leans more towards the wild and trendy side. Feel free to toss on some other jewellery that seems simple but still makes a statement i.e. a boho ring, twisty cuff, or some layered, personal bangle.

Statement necklace with cuff/bracelet/bangle
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3) Statement rings or simple rings, why not both?

Ladies! This is the time where more is more! Have you ever been in a situation where ALL of the displayed rings are just as gorgeous AND ended up buying a few of them? Now you have a perfect occasion to flaunt them all at once. You can put on multiple rings and still look as chic on a night out. Go ahead and pile rings having simple designs like delicate cut-outs or ladylike pearls with statement rings. Of course, an immaculate mani’s also the key here.

Statement rings or simple rings, why not both?
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4) Gold and silver combination

Buying silver and gold jewellery can be tricky, especially with the number of options on women’s accessories online, for instance, can make it quite confusing to decide on the right piece. More so with the slowly dominating Korean fashion jewellery online. The important factor to be kept in mind contrasting these two colours is to understand that you can play with the same type of designs and expect them to gel in with no exceptions! However, experimenting with different designs is highly recommend.

Gold and silver combination
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5) Fitting in with sentimental jewellery pieces

Do you have sentimental jewellery pieces that you wear all the time? I’m sure many of us do, but how do they fit into a well-accessorised wardrobe? You’re in luck! Korean jewellery brands, not to mention Korean fashion jewellery online, offers sweet, delicate jewellery designs, even their statement jewellery has a minimalist feels to it.

Take for example your sentimental dove necklace pairing up with jewellery from the right picture, don’t they look great together?! I myself am already excited thinking about it.

Fitting in with sentimental jewellery pieces
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6) Contrast and match

You can always blend your skin tone and dress colour with your jewellery pieces. Here’s a tip, mix and match different bracelet designs with your classic LBD, or even that brightly-hued gown you have left it alone from the last prom.

Contrast and match
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7) Look for comfort

At the end of the day, no matter which costume jewellery you like or whether it makes you look uber, remember to always look for comfort and fun in your accessories. Ill-fitting jewellery or jewellery that clinks or tangles too much can ruin your night out and make you self-conscious.

Look for comfort
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Now, now ladies. I know after reading these 7 most popular jewellery combinations for your Friday night out, you had a few ideas in your head now. But do keep this important rule in mind: break the rules if you see fit! Famous trends can start with a tiny, spontaneous idea.

And lastly, fully equipped with jewellery, remember to enjoy your night well. Coupled with a brilliant smile, you’ll definitely shine as bright as Polaris.