Top 10 Wedding Cinematographers in Johor Bahru

Top 10 Wedding Cinematographers in Johor Bahru
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So, your big day is about to arrive. The day that defines you and your partner’s significant moments together. And given the fact that this particular day happens only once in a lifetime, it is important that every single detail is well-documented. And what’s better than hiring a professional wedding cinematographer to handle all the jobs? So, if you happen to be looking for one, here are the Top 10 Wedding Cinematographers in Johor Bahru.

1) Spozami Wedding Mansion

Spozami Wedding Mansion

For the team of videographers at Spozami Wedding Mansion, they favour spontaneity over staged shots. Which is why they embrace the concept of photojournalistic-style wedding videography, creating genuine memories at the same time. This approach also helps to make your wedding videos stand out from the rest. Nothing overproduced, but rather something unadulteratedly pure and candid that reflects the couple’s true love during the big day.

FB: Spozami | IG: @spozamiweddingmansion

2) K Visual Production

K Visual Production

K Visual Production specialises in both pre-wedding and actual-day photos and videos. For the latter, they know a thing or two about crafting a well-shot wedding film. One of their renowned wedding film directors, Kenny Khoo, has a great eye for detail regardless of lighting, camerawork or colour grading — all of which are lovingly put together in a cinematic fashion.

FB: k.visual.production | IG: @kvisual_production

3) Dehalz Studio

Dehalz Studio

Dehalz Studio combines impeccable technical craft and nuanced storytelling into their wedding films, as they understand the wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And that is why they make every shot count! Be it the bride’s and groom’s personal hours in getting ready for their big day or the actual day itself, Dehalz Studio has them all beautifully covered.

FB: dehalzstudio | IG: @dehalz_studio

4) The Bold Films 

The Bold Films 

True to its name, The Bold Films means serious business when it comes to producing professional wedding films. Not just any run-of-the-mill wedding films, but the kind that is both cinematic and visually appealing. Covering everything from the establishing shots of the wedding locations to the close-up moments of the couples, every piece of memory is vividly filmed in an unobtrusive manner. | FB: theboldfilms | IG: @theboldinfo

5) Big Boss Production

Big Boss Production

With over a decade of experience in both photography and videography, Big Boss Production knows well what it takes to produce excellent still and moving images. For the latter, they are involved in various kinds of videography services ranging from TVCs to events and of course, wedding films. Here, they capture every essential perspective of the couples’ moments no matter pre-wedding or the actual day itself. Many newly-wed clients who have approached Big Boss Production particularly expressed utmost satisfaction for the team’s top-notch services. | FB: BIGBOSSPRODUCTION | IG: @big_boss_production

6) DeJoyce Wedding

DeJoyce Wedding

Whether for photo or video shooting, DeJoyce Wedding believes that no amount of heavily-doctored images and post-production work can replace the true-to-life candid moments. So, what you’ll have here instead is something raw and genuine worth cherishing for a lifetime. All beautiful moments that are naturally captured without the obviously posed or staged shots — a result that makes DeJoyce Wedding among the most recommended wedding cinematographers in Johor Bahru. | FB: dejoycewedding | IG: @dejoycewedding

7) Istudio Video Productions

Istudio Video Productions

Armed with high-quality video equipment, Istudio Video Productions’ technical know-how is part of what they do best. Be it dramatic, elegant or even something beautifully atmospheric, you can count on Istudio’s highly-experienced team of videographers to deliver all the goods. Not to mention they also take into account the respective couples’ personalities to help them capture the right moments.

FB: Istudio Video Productions

8) Snap Record Studio

Snap Record Studio

An industry veteran in both wedding photography and videography, the team behind Snap Record Studio has the knack for bringing out the best in the couple’s loving moments together. And that includes shooting indoors and outdoors, with the team themselves known for their professional yet easygoing manner. No wonder most clients are choosing them for recording all their beautiful memories regardless of pre-wedding or the actual day itself. | FB: snaprecord

9) Pèpèros Production

Pèpèros Production

At Peperos Production, the team behind the scenes — consisting of photographer James Ting and cinematographer Liat — aren’t just content to point-and-shoot their wedding films. Understanding that each wedding means something special and unique, they ensure that every moment is beautifully documented through the lens. And that means by moments, they capture everything from the couple’s body gestures to the raw emotions and even the shared joy of everyone else who attends the wedding. | FB: | IG: @peperosproduction

10) Basetime Production

Basetime Production

Basetime Production’s utmost passion for storytelling plays a pivotal role in making their wedding films both a creative and emotional success. And they have numerous good word-of-mouth that proves their worth, starting with the team’s technical expertise of how every shot is incorporated into the film. This includes everything from the wedding preparations to the customary ceremonies and the exchanging vows. | FB: | IG: @basetime

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