6 Best Places To Get Nyonya Kuih For Your Tea Time Break

Being Malaysians, nothing beats having our favourite kuih-muih on a regular day at tea time break! From kuih lapis to kuih talam and curry puffs, we’ve got so much to be grateful for! If you have been craving for Nyonya kuih and you’re not sure of where to get them from, check out these 6 best places to get tatsy Nyonya kuih to satisfy your cravings! 

I’ve Tried: Nyonya Lab

Nyonya Lab is an online halal Nyonya kuih delivery service that offers 32 types of Nyonya kuih including Angku kuih, kuih koci, pulut inti, seri muka, kuih talam as wel as curry puffs. The first thing I tried was the curry puffs and being a fan of curry puffs, I quite liked the ones by Nyonya Lab, the pastry is not too thick and the potato curry filling is pretty tasty too!

If you love the combination of pandan and coconut, you should give their kuih talam a try, it’s delicious and it’s not too sweet. Other than that, I’ve also tried one of my favourites which is the onde-onde. If you love onde-onde, you would love theirs as they’re soft, lightly chewy and that first bite you take will create that burst of gula melaka sugar in your mouth. Absolutely yummy!

They also come in a pack of two pieces which is perfect for those who only need a small portion! To order their goodies, all you need to do is drop them a DM on Instagram and have them delivered right to your doorstep!

Image Credit: Nyonya Lab’s Instagram Page


Here are a few more places where you can order Nyonya kuih from:

1) Madam Yong Delight

Madam Yong Delight has been producing halal certified Nyonya kuih since 1985 which is about 35 years now. Their top picks include kuih talam, kuih lapis, seri muka, pulut tatai as well as ketayap. According to their reviews, customers love them for their freshness and how good they taste as they’re not too sweet. They come in blocks of five pieces per type. If you’re planning to send some kuih to your loved ones or having some guests over, Madam Yong Delight offers kuih platters of 35 or 50 pieces of any assorted kuih. Head on to their website to place an order 2 days in advance! 

Image Credit: Madam Yong Delight’s Instagram Page

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2) Nyonya Delights

At Nyonya Delights, all kuihs are freshly made with no preservatives or added artificial additives. They are certified halal as well and pre-orders are needed one day in advance before 8pm. Some of the Nyonya kuih that they offer are angku kuih, seri muka, seri manja, tapioca cake, seri muka and yam cake. Even if you’re not a kuih person, you’’d enjoy their kuih as they taste amazing as mentioned in some of their reviews. 

Image Credit: Nyonya Delights’ Instagram Page


3) Nyonya Cats

Known for their crispy spiral curry puff which are addictive, Nyonya Cats’ founder picked up kuih making skills when she was living in Sydney and now it has become her passion as she loves to see others enjoy her creations. Nyonya Cats also has a NL (Nasi Lemak) combo box which is popular among her customers. The NL combo box comes with a few variety of kuih too! Give it a try and you might come back for more!

Image Credit: Nyonya Cats’ Instagram Page


4) Everything Nyonya

Offering authentic Nyonya kuih and kaya, Everything Nyonya has a variety of Nyonya kuih that you can pair up with their KayaNYA. Their premium and authentic Nyonya kaya is made of fresh coconut milk, pure palm sugar and duck eggs that can leave you drooling and craving for more. One review said “Their kaya is to die for! It was rich, aromatic, and not overwhelmingly sweet.” This is perfect for that tea time treat! 

Image Credit: Everything Nyonya’s Instagram Page


5) Aroma Nyonya

Serving delicious halal high-quality traditional Nyonya kuih since 2007, Aroma Nyonya can be found all over the Klang Valley especially in shopping malls. Their kuih are made with fresh and natural ingredients. Apart from that, they make sure that every piece is made flavourful. The crowd’s favourites are the traditional angku kuih, kuih talam and ketayap. Aroma Nyonya also caters for special occasions such as weddings, receptions, birthday parties and office functions. To place an order for special occasions, drop them an email.

Image Credit: Aroma Nyonya’s Instagram Page

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