Top 10 Handmade Crystal Jewelry in Malaysia

Top 10 Handmade Crystal Jewelry in Malaysia
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When it comes to handmade crystal jewelry, every piece is meticulously crafted by skilful hands and definitely not mass-produced by machinery. What’s more, they’re all the more unique as they are typically sold in limited quantities. So, whether you are looking for the likes of bracelets or necklaces, here are the Top 10 Handmade Crystal Jewelry in Malaysia!

1) Creative Quartz Fashion

Creative Quartz Fashion offers both ready-made and handmade crystal jewellery. But if you prefer the latter, they have various types of uniquely designed pendants using a different stone. Among them includes thomsonite, crazy lace agate, palm lace jasper and iron tiger eye, just to name a few. You can have your favourite crystal jewellery delivered right to your doorsteps or pick up the product from their store on the ground floor in The Starling Mall. | FB: creativequartzfashion | IG: @creativequartzfashion | Phone numbers: 019-9658895 (Michelle) & 019-8538935 (Jinni) | Email address: | Location: Ground Floor, Starling Mall, No 6, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Uptown, 47499 PJ.

2) Lynette Lee Jewellery

Lynette Lee Jewellery

Lynette Lee Jewellery specialises primarily in handcrafted bracelets and earrings. They have a few exquisite choices here, namely the L921 Lapis Lazuli & Moonstone where they use two types of crystals. As for earrings, those with sensitive ears can look forward to wearing them since they are made either from nickel-free s925 silver, 24k gold plated or stainless steel finishing. | FB: lynettelee.jewellery | IG: @lynettelee.jewellery

3) Sugarloaf.jewels


Looking for handcrafted crystal jewelry without paying a hefty price tag? You might want to check out Sugarloaf Jewels, where they offer genuine yet affordably-priced crystal collections. Among the choices available include the Blue Tourmaline Bracelet, Crystal Stud Earrings and Cherry Amber & Yellow Amber Stud Earrings. Find out more about their collection on Sugarloaf Jewels’ social media pages or shop online right here.

FB: sugarloaf.j | IG: @sugarloaf.jewels

4) Gemethystze


At Gemethystze, all of their crystal jewelry regardless of bracelets or others such as rings are custom-made in minimalist styles. For instance, do check out their mini crystal rings, where Gemethystze offers various crystal collections, namely Amethyst x Black Tourmaline and Aquamarine x Lapis Lazuli.

FB: | IG: @gemethystze___

5) Ling’s Design

Ling's Design

Based in Pelabuhan Klang, Ling’s Design favours natural stones as well as freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals for her handmade jewelry collection. Expect elegant designs that can be worn at any occasion, with her bestselling Sakura Agate & Swarovski bracelet being one of them. Ling’s Design also offers special promotions during the festive season so do keep an eye on her social media pages for the latest updates. Additionally, you can request her to have your crystal jewelry tailored to your needs.

FB: LingsDesign | IG: @lingsdesign

6) Maliheh art & craft

Maliheh art & craft

Maliheh Kishzadehbateni, who runs Maliheh Art & Craft personally handles all the jewelry designs herself. She offers different types of jewelry pieces ranging from bracelets to necklaces and earrings. Some of the items she made include Amethyst Wire Wrap Necklace and Crystal Blue Agate Stone Bracelet. Those who prefer matching earrings and necklaces can check out her jewelry set collection. | FB: malihehartcraft | IG: @malihehartcraft

7) Handmade by W

Handmade by W

Details matter for this Kuala Lumpur-based independent jeweller when it comes to designing handmade jewelry. Every piece is meticulously made with love and passion, offering various collections to choose from. Some of Handmade by W’s featured products include the Annie Dangle Earring, which combines selected crystals such as lapis lazuli and Herkimer diamond with gold-plated wires. They offer custom-made jewelry too for those who want something a unique piece of their own. | FB: handmadebyw | IG: @handmade_by_w

8) OhanaMantra


Looking at Carmen Cherng’s range of Ohana Mantra’s crystal jewelry collection, she offers various handcrafted bracelets made from different natural stones. Each of the stones adorned in the bracelets serves its own unique healing properties. There are a few of them here such as Black Obsidian, which promotes positive energy while Bloodstone enhances creativity and motivation.

FB: carmencherng | IG: @ohanamantra

9) Handcrafted Crystal Jewelry

Handcrafted Crystal Jewelry

Handcrafted Crstal Jewelry sells various crystal jewelry and accessories at Earth Flame Center, with the likes of raw quartz lamps and crystal bracelets. The latter is specially personalised to your individual needs, offering stones like Blue Lace Agate and Amethyst. Do check out their website below or simply reach out to them if you have any related questions. | FB: sacredstore

10) Moolamala


Whether you are looking for handcrafted malas (prayer/meditation beads), crystals or orgonites, you will find them all here at Moolamala. Among the items available includes Clear Quartz Mala 8mm 108 Beads and Happy Mala. The latter combines 108 bead mala with other chosen materials such as lapis lazuli, amethyst and rudraksha. Moolamala also sells various crystal pendants and bracelets. | FB: moolamalamantra | IG: @moolamala

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