15 Most Ridiculous Wedding Dresses in the World

Every bride dreams of being like a princess on her wedding day. But perhaps, everyone’s perception of a “princess” is different? We’ve been trying to live out the “don’t judge” motto, but we’re only human and we draw the line here. Besides that, others agree with us on these ridiculous wedding dresses as well. Maybe you could help us figure out why would anyone choose these wedding dresses?

1) Dress? You mean rubber gloves?

Perfect for the brides who like to perform heavy-duty cleaning, we suppose?

Image Credit: 4rtgallery.blogspot.com

2) Perfect for Winter Weddings

Say what? This was from YSL?

Tying the knit
Image Credit: freedating.co.uk

3) “I’m always hungry during weddings, especially my own”

“Say no more, I gotchu fam.”

This human cupcake stand
Image Credit: youandyourwedding.co.uk

4) Need a hand, or four?

We’re not sure why they didn’t make it eight though.

Image Credit: topteny.com

5) Who stole all the toilet paper?

… the bride. She needs it for her dress!

Bog standard
Image Credit: freedating.co.uk

6) *speechless*

Why would anyone want to uh, showcase that?

Image Credit: imgur.com

7) “I am my own fairy godmother”

Great mindset, not so great dress. Your poor husband is literally crushed!

My Big Fat Wedding Indeed
Image Credit: vorply.com

8) Comfortable in my own skin

So comfortable that she doesn’t need cloth to cover her middle! Either that, or she’s trying to show off her baby bump?

Image Credit: imgur.com

9) Let’s get straight to it

Who needs clothes when you have body paint? Plus, nothing to get in your way after the wedding night!

A brush with style
Image Credit: freedating.co.uk

10) Flower? Snowball?

We can’t tell what her dress is supposed to be. Any ideas?

Maybe the Inspiration for This Dress Was the Little Mermaid, but It Ended up Looking like a Puffer-Fish
Image Credit: vorply.com

11) Perfect for tropical weddings!

Not only does this dress show off your legs, but it also prevents mosquito bites!

Image Credit: imgur.com

12) So ready for a baby

Look at that dress! It practically screams put a baby in my belly!

Image Credit: imgur.com

13) 1,500 cream puffs just for you

Her husband made her dress, so how could she say no to it, even if it’s all cream puffs?

Image Credit: freedating.co.uk

14) Dress? No need lah!

Who needs a dress when you have belts to criss-cross and a tutu skirt?

Belt up
Image Credit: freedating.co.uk

15) “Excuse me, the door is not big enough”

We’re not sure why anyone would design and/or wear a blocky, rectangular dress?

Wide load
Image Credit: freedating.co.uk

Disclaimer: All these are the opposite of “recommendations”. We highly do not recommend that anyone get wedding inspo from here.