By Grace is All About Healthy Foods and Desserts

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In today’s fast-paced world, most people often neglect the one thing that matters the most: health. That includes practicing a healthier lifestyle and adopt a good habit of healthy diet. Unfortunately with our busy schedules, we find it such a hassle to prepare healthy home cooked meals. Thanks to the ready-made products handcrafted by By Grace. We can now enjoy all the healthy foods and desserts.

About By Grace

By Grace began its journey in 2011. The café was named as Geometrics Kitchen and served modern cuisines such as pasta, burgers, and sandwiches. Two years later, the fusion café eventually evolved into a dessert bar known as By Grace.

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A Palatable World Of Desserts Like No Other

A café that specialises in desserts is actually a dime a dozen. But what makes By Grace a notch above most competitors is their unique varieties of sweet and savory desserts such as sea salt, foie gras and chili crab flavoured ice creams. To date, By Grace founder Grace Lim alongside with chef Gio Khor have created more than 300 desserts in their ever-evolving menu. Their notable creation is the Instagram-worthy “Galaxy” platter, where it comprises different ingredients such as strawberry sorbet, charcoal crumble and ice cream. Each ingredient is meticulously assembled by hands on top of the plating to form a galaxy, hence the name of the dessert platter.

Image: By Grace

Nutritional Ready-Made Foods at Your Doorsteps

These days, Grace and Gio are emphasising more on their current business ventures known as By Grace Grocery. Together, they dedicated their times preparing healthy ready-made foods for busy customers. With delivery services included, customers can enjoy nutritional cuisines at home or the office. Some of the products that are currently available include ready-made soups like roasted tomato and wild mushroom, earl grey milk spread, laksa pesto and pickled Bentong ginger. Additionally, customers can also look forward to homemade cookies such as charcoal kombu & seaweed, osmanthus & goji berries, and salted egg yolk.

Image: By Grace

More Varieties Coming Your Way

If you are interested to purchase their products, you can place your orders via By Grace website. Although By Grace Grocery is based at Mount Austin in Johor Bahru, delivery services are thankfully extended to other major states including Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Ipoh. Despite By Grace Grocery still in its infancy, Grace and Gio will continue adding more food varieties in the future.

Image: By Grace

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