10 Cool Things You Can Do at Singapore Changi Airport

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The idea of getting stuck in an airport during a long layover or transit can seem very stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if it’s at Changi Airport in Singapore. They’ve managed to create a fun environment with lots of possibilities to explore and relax for the whole family. Here are just a few things you can do there to pass the time if you’re ever in the building.

1) Go for a swim!

That’s right, there’s a swimming pool at Changi Airport – at the rooftop of Terminal 1’s Transit Zone, specifically. Not only can you swim, but there’s a jacuzzi as well. And if that’s not your cup of tea, there’s also a bar there so you can down a few cocktails to drown your transit sorrows and watch the world swim by you. There’s nothing more relaxing than being surrounded by a body of water, so this is a good way to chill.

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2) Be One with Nature

If getting soaking wet isn’t your idea of a fun time, perhaps a nature trail may do you good. Believe it or not, there are several gardens and nature spots at Changi Airport. Follow the butterflies at T3 Transit Area’s Butterfly Garden – it’s home to over 1,000 of them! Then, get tranquil by checking out the Koi Pond at the same area. The Sunflower Garden will give you a dose of yellow-toned joy, and it’s at T2 Transit Area. There’s also a Cactus Garden at T1 Transit Area, and an Enchanted Garden at T2 Transit Area.

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3) Catch up on Movies and TV

All the features of a theatre without having to pay for it? Yes, that’s pretty much what you will get if you head over to T2 and T3 transit areas, where you’ll get to kick back in comfortable seats and watch the latest big blockbusters or animated films on a big screen with surround sound! Both theatres are open 24 hours a day too. If TV shows are more your speed, there are also TV lounges.

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4) Play Some Games

Exercise your hand-eye coordination muscles at the Xbox Kinect room where you can enjoy Kinect Sports. Whether you like table tennis, track and field, soccer or boxing – you’ll have a good time and a good workout! There are also Xbox 360 and Playstation consoles available for avid gamers.

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5) Shop Till You Drop

Whether you want to pick up some uniquely Singaporean souvenirs like Merlion Chocolates or an Orchid Pendant, or want to indulge in higher end international products, Changi has got you covered with amazing Duty Free delights. Beauty addicts will love The Shilla at T1 transit area, which stocks many Korean beauty products as well as the widest range of international beauty brands. There are also shops selling wine, electronic gadgets, and clothing.

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6) Indulge at the Spa

Check out the Airport Wellness services for an hour or two of relaxation. Open 24 hours, you’ll find one such safe haven at Terminal 1, East Lounge. There, you can get a massage, have your feet tickled at the Fish Spa, pretty up your digits with a manicure or just have a nice hot shower. They have several packages available, if you have more time to kill, or more basic offerings if you just want a quick break. Alternatively, there are other wellness locations at Terminal 2 as well.

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7) Be A Kid Again 

Take a ride down the world’s tallest slide in an airport at Terminal 3. Whether you’re with your kids or simply a kid at heart this is sure to be a fun experience. There are also playgrounds located throughout the airport where kids can have lots of fun and parents can keep a watchful eye. If you want your little ones to indulge in creative pursuits, check out the Wood Block Rubbing Stations, where you can create your own imprints from rubbing surfaces of Singaporean cultural icons, and take home a memento for yourself.

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8) Fill Your Tummy

There are numerous dining options in Changi, to suit various tastes and budgets. Not only will you find the usual fast food options like Subway, McDonald’s and KFC, but several bars, eateries that are open 24 hours, traditional Singaporean kopitiam style cafes and even three food courts. There’s Thai, Indian and even Japanese food so you can try out different styles of food if you are there for a long layover.

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9) Go Online

We are all so dependent on our little mobile devices and the thought of being disconnected from the internet is one that can be quite jarring indeed – especially if one is away from home and en route to a foreign land. At Changi, there are free 24 hour internet kiosks available, where you can surf the net, check your social media and charge your devices. You can even create an e-postcard to send to your loved ones.

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10) Get Some Shut Eye 

For some, the best thing to do on long layovers is catch up on sleep. There are Snooze Lounges located throughout Changi Airport where you can take naps in a quiet and secluded area, without having to worry about having to pay for a hotel just for a few hours rest.

Image Credit: changiairport.com