Aaila Swimwear: A Modest Swimwear Brand For Modern Women

Image Credit: Aaila Swimwear

Aaila Swimwear is Singapore’s newest modest swimwear brand that’s on a mission to redefine modest wear. This startup label promises to deliver fresh and inspiring swimwear for fashion-savvy women who don’t necessarily want to bare it all in a bikini. The debut collection is comprised of six original swimwear styles that have been thoughtfully designed in Singapore, and manufactured at a small scale in Indonesia.

Stylish Yet Modest

The inception of the brand began when founder Michelle Yao realised the extreme lack of stylish options in the modest swimwear category. The rise of modest fashion has been attracting global attention in recent years, with international markets such as London and Istanbul taking lead with Modest Fashion Weeks. While brands are starting to recognise the demand for fashion-forward modest wear, very little attention is paid to swimwear. By and large, this category is still ignored and remains dominated by frumpy, shapeless black burkinis that do not reflect the changing tastes of modest Millennials.

Image Credit: Aaila Swimwear

Empowering Women, Expressing Individuality

The vision for Aaila Swimwear is to empower women by making them feel heard and included in the fashion conversation. They should be able to feel beautiful and comfortable at the beach or by the pool without compromising their values. This is a brand that is designed specifically with the fashion-conscious, independent woman in mind, and every detail is in place to help her express her individuality through colours and prints.

Image Credit: Aaila Swimwear

The Debut Collection

The collection sees a heavy injection of this season’s hottest colours, from forest green to rich burnt sienna, and prints with tropical leaf motifs and Asian-inspired rattan pattern. There are three core styles named Ana, Jamila, and Kara in this capsule range. Ana is a flirty dress and pants combo that plays with colour blocking to give the illusion of a flattering feminine silhouette. Jamila is a raglan top and bottoms set with ruching details, complete with a cool athleisure vibe. Kara is a straight cut dress with matching pants that feature soft patterns throughout.

The debut collection is manufactured in Indonesia at limited quantities to ensure high quality production. This also enables the brand to keep seasonal colours and prints fresh and relevant, thus being able to offer new styles to reflect the latest trends.

The swimming costumes are all designed to be semi-loose fit with varying lengths to suit all body types, and comes in sizes S to XL. Each swimming set includes three separate pieces – a swim dress, bottoms (leggings), and a detachable swim cap, retailing between SGD 110 – SGD 125 per set. Separate swim caps retail for SGD 25 each.

Image Credit: Aaila Swimwear

Aaila Swimwear is currently available for purchase online at www.aailaswimwear.com.

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