Chinese New Year Is Very Near! Where To Go For Last Minute Shopping

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Wow time flies by really quickly. It feels like we were just celebrating Christmas and now Chinese New Year is already so near. Have you guys gotten your cookies? Some new clothes? Drinks for guests? Or have you been so busy with the new year that it completely slipped your mind. Don’t worry because we have you covered. Here are some places that you can do your last minute Chinese New Year Shopping!

Chinese New Year Means Lots of Eating!

Chinese New Year reunion dinner
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Firstly, let’s talk about food. Most of us will have a reunion meal with our extended family whether it be lunch or dinner. Some of us may go out to our favourite restaurant while others will choose to cook.

The ones hosting will need to start buying some of their ingredients for the traditional Chinese meal. Each family will have their own signature dish of course whether it’s dumplings, prawns, or even homemade Yee Sang.

Moreover, you need to think about what to serve your guests when they visit you. Most of us go the usual way of some cookies, sweets, and refreshing drinks. While it’s impressive if you bake the cookies yourself, nobody will shame you for buying from the store. But where do you go?

Fresh Produce in a Supermarket
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Check out the catalogues for Aeon and Aeon MaxValu, Econsave, Cold Storage, and 99 Speedmart. At the first four places you can definitely find fresh ingredients such as meat and vegetables. All five stores are great places to buy cookies and beverages to lay out for guests.

You can also stop by IKEA to pick up some cookies, mandarin oranges, and BBQ chicken dried meat. Don’t forget to buy things to bring as house gifts when you go visiting. These usually include peanuts, oranges, and gift boxes. Eu Yan Sang is offering promotional prices for their gift boxes.

Furthermore, if you really want to get some “Wows” from your family at the reunion meal then check out Baskin Robbins Chinese New Year inspired ice cream cakes. Choose between the Ong Lai, Fortune Lion or Dancing Lion!

Chinese New Year Means New Clothes!

Moving on, a majority of us enjoy shopping for some new clothes as well. After all, what better way to start the NEW year than with some NEW clothes! For the ladies looking for lingerie, Wacoal is having a Chinese New Year sale in 1 Utama.

Chinese New Year outfits
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Looking for some makeup to try out new looks? Or maybe you want to refill your stash. You should check out SaSa, Watsons, and Guardian for your beauty needs. The Guardian Facebook page is also sharing some tips for this Chinese New Year.

Need a new outfit? Have you been wearing the same dress or shirt every year and feel like it’s time for a change? Well Zalora has you covered with their Chinese New Year line featuring a variety of clothing styles, accessories, and even shoes! Zalora can also be your one stop shop for clothes as they have a wide number of brands available.

Ang Pao Where?

Chinese New Year Ang Pao
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Lastly, what would Chinese New Year be without Ang Paos? For the married couples out there, have you already gotten your Ang Pao packets? Fret not, check out some places that you can get beautiful Ang Pao designs. Our list is made up of the common banks in Malaysia because everyone has a bank account now.

We hope you find this list of places helpful for any last minute shopping you might be doing. We also want to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year in advance!