Syok Driver App Helps Drivers to Locate Cheapest and Nearest Fuel

Minister of domestic trade, cooperatives and consumerism (KPDNKK) Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin has officially said that the ceiling price for fuel in the country will be announced on every Wednesday and the new price will be enforced the next day. Hamzah also said fuel station operators will be allowed to give discounts on fuel, provided that prior permission is obtained from the ministry.

The public shows different reaction to this announcement. But what concerns us most, will this new pricing mechanism creates further burden to our living expenditure?

Syok Driver App
Image Credit: Auto Mart Blog

Solution to Malaysian Drivers

Here’s where Syok Driver App comes into play.

“We observed that the new measure might bring a lot of worries to the driver community, we were thinking, what shall we do as a technology enabler to help the driver community on this. It will be perfect if we can predict the upcoming week fuel price!”, said Tan Aik Keong, founder of Syok Driver.

Syok Driver App

That’s how Tan Aik Keong and friends conceived and created Syok Driver mobile application, an app that is able to predict the upcoming weekly fuel price movement basing on the actual refined oil price and currency exchange rate. The drivers can also use Syok Driver App to locate the nearest and cheapest petrol station to fuel up their vehicles.

Syok Driver App

More Than Just Locating Cheap Fuel

Apart from providing you with the cheapest fuel information, there are other features on the Syok Driver app which are very useful for the driver community.

One of the features is to allow drivers to report any irresponsible drivers or road bully. This can be simply done in 3 steps i.e. snap a photo, input the vehicle plate number and select the violation category. The reports will be permanently stored on the cloud, and translated into a good/bad drivers ranking board basing on the generated reports.

Syok Driver App

Besides, this app can also help driver community to sort out some common “disasters” in daily driving life.

“We always see drivers who forget to switch off the head lamp in the car park, which
subsequently drain the car battery. With this app, we can now leave a message to the specific vehicle car plate to remind the driver about the situation. The same can apply to other emergencies, such as tyre puncture”.

Syok Driver App

Tan further elaborates, Malaysia has a huge driver community, if we can connect them together to help each other, we can make Malaysia a greater place for driving.

“We are also drivers ourselves, so we hope to help more drivers around us with this app”, said Tan Aik Keong.

Please contact or 012-3689349 to know more about Syok Driver.

SyokDriver is available on both iOS and Android devices.