SH/FT Is A Free Amazing Contemporary Visual Art Exhibition At Publika

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SH/FT is a contemporary art exhibition that focuses on identity, technology, and popular culture. This is all while exploring the meaning of change. The exhibition features 42 local artists and collectives and is commissioned by CENDANA (Cultural Economy Development Agency).

SH/FT is the work of a curatorial team made up of three members from Malaysia. In the team is Sharmin Parameswaran who is an independent curator. Next, we have associate curator Singapore Biennale 2016 Nur Hanim Khairuddin. Lastly, James Ly is a curator and the co-founder of alternative space Minut Init.

At the exhibition you will find a wide range of artwork from 42 artists using different mediums. Expect works of art from sculptors, origami artists, and even programmers. Some of the art work is the result of coding and programming. Here is the list of artists being feature.

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The process of organising SH/FT began with engaging with a large network of artists and those interested in creative work. Many creative people took the opportunity to apply, ranging from graffiti artists, architects, and even painters.

Nur Hanim Khairuddin says “We are living in a turbulent time, and yet an extremely exciting time for the visual arts.”

It definitely does sound like a very exciting exhibition that is sure to challenge everyone’s creativity. Art can be such a personal thing that affects people on such different levels.

If you like clean cuts and the art of origami then be sure to look out for the work of Nabihah Haiyee. Origami folding is her main medium and her work is absolutely stunning to look at.

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Meanwhile, Cristjen Lai brings fishes to life with his intricate paintings of them. Each one is sure to captivate your attention.

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If you already like what you see from these two artists then make sure you go check out the entire exhibition! Take your time to truly appreciate and absorb the artwork from our 42 artists.

Here are the details of the exhibition:

Date: 1st to 11th August 2019
Time: 11AM to 7PM on Weekdays, 11AM to 8PM on Weekends
Venue: Black Box & White Box, Publika
Admission is free.