Green Hydrant Invigorates Your Body and Mind

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In today’s busy times, it can be a challenge to look after ourselves and our body. There always seems to be insufficient time for a workout or to cook a healthy meal. However, it is important that we nourish our body which enables us to achieve our goals and dreams. If you are one of those people who are struggling, there may be a solution for you. Green Hydrant provides a convenient and tasty option which allows you to vitalise your body and mind.

About Green Hydrant

Green Hydrant produces cold pressed juices and nut milk. They advocate having more greens (vegetables) in their juice, and also emphasise balance in phytonutrients and food colours. Furthermore, their cold pressed juices are pressed using hydraulic method and recipes to produce tasty and healthy juice. Like a fire hydrant, Green Hydrant is founded with the idea being grounded in their local communities. Firemen use fire hydrant to save lives. Similarly, Green Hydrant’s mission is to “save” lives by providing wellness options for body and mind, and improving lives through real foods and collaborating with partners who share the same values.

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Products and Varieties Offered

Their cold pressed juices are based on the green equation and has 3 phases, from lighter to darker green. They advocate having more greens in their juices. It is perfect for a plant based diet and natural booster to everyone’s daily diet. It is a systematic way to guide you into eating in right way, by understanding and awakening tastebuds gradually. The Green Equation has 3 phases. *V=Vegetables & F=Fruits
g1 juices: V<F
g2 juices: V=F
g3 juices: V>F

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Making The World A Greener Place

Quality is important for the team. The people trust them and their play their role to their best knowledge. However, the challenge lies in educating people to understand that
being healthy needs to be part of our lifestyle. Consumers need to be able to see the value in staying healthy for the best outcome in the long run. Additionally, the team are constantly looking and curating their products and services for clients, and they hope to expand more in this aspect in the near future.

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“Being Healthy is the best gift for you and your loved ones.”

– Green Hydrant

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