Mural Painted by Fireman as Tribute to Muhammad Adib

Late last year, there was riot incident at Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Subang Jaya which resulted in vehicles set on fire. As a response, the local fire station sent a team to put out the flames. Part of that team was Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

Riots at the Subang Temple

The incident happened at the temple in the early morning of Monday after a scuffle between two rival groups. This was concerning the site over the relocation of the temple from USJ 25 to USJ 23.

Unfortunately, Muhammad Adib was caught in the crossfires and received critical injuries from the rioters who assaulted him. He was then rushed to the hospital to receive treatment. Despite signs of recovery, Muhammad Adib passed away from his injuries at the National Heart Institute 21 days after the incident, on 17 December 2018. He was only 24 years old and was engaged to be married.

Paying Tribute

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Muhammad Adib’s sacrifice while on duty will never be forgotten. As a way of remembering him, one fireman has paid tribute by painting a mural at the local fire station. Fireman Mihammad Khairi Bin Din has taken on the task. The mural is on the wall of the Pulau Pangkor Fire and Rescue Department fire station. Muhammad Adib’s mural is also a symbol of how the fire fighting community has been affected.

Muhammad Khairi noticed that there was space on the wall among all the murals already there. After receiving approval, he set to work to paint the beautiful mural paying tribute to his fallen fireman. Painting is a hobby that fills up his spare time. It took him 4 days to complete the mural which features Muhammad Adib’s face with “Sedia Menyelamat” under it.

The death of Muhammad Adib is a reminder that there are heroes out there who are willing to put their lives at risk for others. It is important for matters of conflict to be handled in a diplomatic way and avoid any forms of violence.