‘Mekdi’ Is McDonald’s New Way Of Celebrating 37 Years In Malaysia

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As Malaysians we like to put a spin on words, shorten what we can, and add our on slang. Sometimes it’s just our casual way of speaking. One word that has stuck out is our way of talking about McDonald’s. A huge majority of us refer to it as McD (pronounced as Mekdi).

Of course we aren’t the only country to give McDonald’s a nickname. Australia refers to it as Macca’s. Although in my opinion, Mekdi makes more sense.

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McDonald’s Malaysia wants to celebrate Hari Kebangsaan, Malaysia Day, and their 37th anniversary in Malaysia. To do so, they decided to rename one of their biggest outlets to the famous nickname Malaysians have given them.

The outlet in Bukit Bintang is now proudly showing the ‘Mekdi’ sign under the golden arches. The sign was revealed just yesterday (20th of August). McDonald’s chose their Bukit Bintang outlet because it holds a place near and dear to their hearts.

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Image credit: facebook.com/My.McDonalds

In fact, it is the first ever outlet that McDonald’s opened in Malaysia way back in 1982! McDonald’s wants to celebrate their brand here with the ones who made them who they are today. Us! It is us Malaysians that have helped McDonald’s grow into a big brand and they want to celebrate with us.

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Image credit: facebook.com/My.McDonalds

On top of that, they are reintroducing their famous Nasi Lemak McD which is an iconic Malaysian dish. It is so iconic that the brand has actually made the effort to start a petition. The petition is demanding that Nasi Lemak be recognised as the official National Dish of Malaysia.

This Merdeka day head over to Bukit Bintang area and walk around. Enjoy what Kuala Lumpur has to offer and make sure to stop by Mekdi for a yummy meal!