Amazing Kek Lapis Mooncakes Will Blow Your Mind With How Pretty It Is

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For those who have ventured to Sarawak you might have seen beautiful cakes that feature amazing layers. These layered cakes are colourful and sometimes can have patterns you wouldn’t see in other cakes. In a creative twist, this bakery in Sarawak is now making kek lapis mooncakes.

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Mooncake festival is quickly approaching now that we are seeing the end of August. We all know what that means. Mooncakes! There are a lot of creative mooncakes being produced like ones filled with ice cream.

But a local bakery in Kuching, Sarawak, is bringing their own style into the mooncakes being made. Maria Kek Lapis is a bakery operated by Maria Ngui Sai Moi. She is of Chinese and Bidayuh descent and so has a lot of different experiences with tradition.

The idea for a kek lapis mooncake came to her when she was brainstorming. Having the layered cake in a mooncake is her way of maintaining Sarawak’s identity in a Chinese traditional delicacy.

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When looking at the mooncakes for the first time, your initial impression may be that it’s just a typical mooncake. However, once you cut into it you will see all the colourful layers revealed.

The layered cakes are first baked on their own before being cut into appropriately sized circles. They are then covered in the skin dough and shaped with a mooncake mould. Both snow skin and baked skin mooncakes are made and sold here.

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You can choose from a total of 22 flavours, 10 for the snow skin dough and 12 for the baked skin mooncakes. Look out for the more interesting flavours such as Blueberry Cheese, Tiramisu, and Cappuccino. There is also Chocolate Rainbow and Almond Oreo available for the baked skin mooncakes.

The snow skin mooncakes are being sold for RM14 a piece. Meanwhile, the baked skin mooncakes are going for the price of RM15 a piece. That’s a pretty good price for such a unique mooncake.

You can find Maria Kek Lapis at 37, Jalan Main Bazaar, Kuching, Sarawak. They are open from 9AM to 6PM everyday. For more information, check out their Facebook page.