Top 10 Preschools with Infant Care Services in Singapore

Top 10 Preschools with Infant Care Services in Singapore
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No time to take care of your little ones due to other commitments? This is especially true for busy working parents. While you can let one of your family members such as your in-laws or your parents to help out, another alternative is to enrol your child in a preschool that offers infant care services. Below is the list of Top 10 Preschools with Infant Care Services in Singapore.

1) Raffles Kidz @ Jurong West

The award-winning international preschool of Raffles Kidz adopts a bilingual inquiry-based learning approach to boost engagement and curiosity between the teacher and the students. They have four centres available in Singapore but their Jurong West branch is the only one that provides full-day and half-day care programmes for infants aged 2-18 months. Parents can rest assured that their infants are well taken care of by a team of highly-qualified educators. Understanding that each infant is unique, the programmes are personalised to cater to their respective needs and they will be taught within a safe and child-friendly environment. | FB: RafflesKidzInternational | IG: @raffleskidzinternational

2) Baby Elk Infant Care

Baby Elk Infant Care

Conveniently located near Yio Chu Kang MRT station, Baby Elk focuses solely on taking care and nurturing infants aged 12-18 months old. They integrate a unique learning approach that includes the Steady Achievement Growth Experience (SAGE) curriculum and practical knowledge of renowned pedagogies such as Montessori. This combined approach particularly helps to stimulate the infants’ cognitive as well as emotional, social and physical development. And for peace of mind, the teachers are mainly mothers themselves and have years of experience in the educaring industry. | FB: BabyElk | IG: @babyelkinfantcare

3) My First Skool by NTUC

My First Skool by NTUC

My First Skool has more than 40 years of experience in child development, where they use a relationship-based curriculum to teach children to build trust and establishes a sense of security. Each programme is tailored to specific age groups. For instance, parents who bring their infants aged 2-17 months old can expect the likes of multi-sensory learning (e.g. exploring materials like sponges and cardboard) and take part in creative activities, namely finger painting on paper. | FB: ntucfirstcampus | IG: @myfirstskoolsg

4) MapleBear Singapore

MapleBear Singapore

MapleBear combines the best of both worlds including Canadian and Singaporean bilingual education. Together with their immersion-based and play-based learning approach, children of all ages can look forward to a fun and rewarding experience in school. They also offer a specialised infant care programme called Bear Care for infants aged 2 months and above. The Bear Care includes interactive learning routines within a safe environment under the care of professional and qualified educators. | FB: maplebearsg | IG: @maplebearsingapore

5) Agape Little Uni

Agape Little Uni

Agape Little Uni is dedicated to providing quality childcare and student care using the inquiry-based learning approach. And given their experience since its establishment in 1995, your children are in good hands with a team of highly-professional educators. Agape Little Uni has several age-appropriate programmes available, namely the infant and toddler programme for children aged 2-17 months. Here, the educators will teach infants and toddlers using an interesting combination of storytelling, songs & rhymes and sensory-based games. | FB: AgapeLittleUniPteLtd | IG: @agapelittleuni

6) Pat’s Schoolhouse

Pat’s Schoolhouse

To date, Pat’s Schoolhouse operates a total of 17 preschools and 4 infant care centres throughout Singapore. They have decades-long experience (over 30 years, to be exact) in providing child and student care and they are particularly renowned for pioneering the Bilingual Immersion Core Curriculum. The aforementioned curriculum encourages teacher-and-students interaction to nurture the children’s essential development in terms of acquiring skills and knowledge. And for their infant care service, Pat’s Schoolhouse adopts a 1:3 infant-teacher ratio, meaning your precious little tots will be well-observed and given more attention as well. | FB: PatSchoolhouse | IG: @patschoolhouse

7) LeClare Preschool

LeClare Preschool

LeClare Preschool’s integrated inquiry-based approach and bilingual curriculum in combining both English and Mandarin, all of which are included to allow a better learning experience for the children. For infants and toddlers aged 2-17 months old, they have designated child-friendly rooms and corners available while they only adopt a child ratio of 1:3. This is to ensure every child will be looked after with respective personalised attention. | FB: leclarepreschool | IG: @leclare_preschool

8) Tots & Teddies

Tots & Teddies

At Tots & Teddies, they pride themselves on offering the best quality infant care possible. That means every child that is brought into the centre will be well taken care of. Not to mention they limit their class sizes to a small teacher-child ratio to ensure individualised focus and attention using an inquiry-based approach. They also provide an infant daycare for infants and toddlers aged 2-18 months, complete with an infant-friendly yet stimulating environment and well-curated infant toys for exploration and discovery. | FB: totsandteddies | IG: @htotsandteddies

9) Camelot Infant Care

Camelot Infant Care

Camelot’s infant care service is targeted at infants and toddlers aged 2-17 months old, offering a specialised programme to nurture the likes of their cognitive and sensory developments. Under the care of well-trained and experienced educarers, the programme includes personalised activities based on the respective infants’ needs and interests. Each child will receive all the care and attention they need within a safe and comfortable environment. And not to forget, a hands-on learning experience in small class size at a 1:3 teacher-infant ratio. | FB: camelotpreschool | IG: @camelot_infantcare

10) Mindchamps


Mindchamps instils a unique 3-Mind approach when comes to teaching the children in the centre. This approach includes The Champion Mind, The Learning Mind and The Creative Mind — all of which are designed to unlock the children’s fullest potential. They also provide an infant care programme at selected Mindchamps centres, where they adopt the S.M.I.L.E.S. methodology through the sensory, motor, intellectual, linguistic as well as emotional and social-based learning activities. | FB: | IG:

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