Malaysia’s Top 10 Street Snacks Brands

Malaysia's Top 10 Street Snacks Brands
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You can’t keep us Malaysians from our street snacks, they are practically weaved into the fabric of our culture, and it is almost tradition. The simplicity and variety of local street snacks is perfectly illustrated by this list, which features everything from local favourites to dishes inspired by international gastronomical delights. As voted by you, here are Malaysia’s Top 10 Street Snacks Brands!

1) The Pisang Cheese

The Pisang Cheese have set out to make banana fritters even more special, with the addition of their signature syrup, and premium toppings. They have six flavours, The Original Pisang Cheese, Chocolate Pisang Cheese, White Chocolate Pisang Cheese, Salted Caramel Pisang Cheese, Coffee Caramel Pisang Cheese and CInnamon Sugar Pisang Cheese. Find them inside Restoran Jamal Mohamad, FAM, Kelana Jaya, or check out their Facebook to see if they will make appearances elsewhere.

FB: ThePisangCheeseSJ | IG: @thepisangcheese


2) Crzypuff

With their tagline that declares their products are “7-inches of Stuffed Awesomeness”, you can be assured that there’s something for everyone at Crzypuff, whether it’s sweet, savoury, spicy, mild, meaty or vegetarian food you fancy.  If 7 inches sounds too hearty, they also have smaller sized puffs available. Besides being available in cafes around Malaysia, there is also the option to order online via Facebook

FB: Crzypuff | IG: @crzypuff


3) Nachos Region

Though the name may suggest a limited menu of nachos, they in fact have lots of tapas inspired dishes, with Italian and Mexican flavours. You can even get burgers and ribs, if you want something meatier than nachos. Keep in mind that Nachos Regions doesn’t always stay grounded, you will need to follow their social media to see where their food truck will pop up next.

FB: nachosregion | IG: @nachosregion


4) La Churreria

This will definitely interest those with a sweet tooth, as La Churreria specializes in making Churros – a deep fried pastry which can be dunked in your favourite sweet topping, for added indulgence. They take orders via phone or Whatsapp, and you can also follow their social media to see where they are stationed and go visit them in person.

FB: la.churreria.kl | IG: @lachurreria_kl


5) Thyme Out

Tex-Mex lovers, head on over to Thyme Out for your fix. They have a fixed location at Dataran Sunway, and a food truck on the move as well. Their menu is quite extensive, catering to vegan palates as well as those who prefer heftier meals. They also have beverages available, so you can look forward to a complete meal with Thyme Out.

FB: ThymeOutKL | IG: @thymeoutkl


6) Cheezyy Banana

With a stall in Section 5, Cheezyy Banana serves up a few different varieties of banana fritters, where you can choose with flavours like chocolate, strawberry and even Oreo! Follow them on Instagram to see what other promotions and new flavours they may have. Their stall is open from 3pm until 6pm, but you can always call them to confirm.

IG: @pisangcheesekd


7) The GorPis

You’ll find practically every colour of the rainbow on these banana fritters, and it’s no wonder, with flavours like strawberry,white chocolate, caramel and blueberry. They have a cafe at Kampong Bukit Lanjan, Sunway Damansara, as well as a food truck that makes the rounds in Klang Valley.

FB: thegorpis | IG: @thegorpis


8) Negative Celsius

Ice-cream trucks aren’t extinct, they just got a very cool upgrade. With our tropical climate, sweet and cold treats are always a hit. Try Negative Celsius, a place that serves up macaron ice-cream.  Negative Celsius takes it one step further by adding the cute factor to these edible delights. Customers are advised to pre-order online and collect their ice-creams from the stipulated areas.

FB: negativecelsius | IG: @negative_celsius


9) Pasal Pisang

It’s time to go bananas again, as Pasal Pisang intends to be a part of the “pisang revolution” that’s taking Malaysia by storm, and they’re doing this with interesting twists on just about anything that contains bananas. Think fritters, popiah, cream puffs and ice-cream – all banana flavoured! Find them at The Food Bank in Kota Damansara.

FB: PasalPisang | IG: @pasalpisang


10) Roti John Cheese Putrajaya

Putrajaya folks would be familiar with this name, it’s available in two neighbourhood food courts, and they also have a foodtruck. You can choose between chicken or beef flavoured Roti John, and there are also size options, depending on whether you’d prefer a snack or a full meal.

FB: putrajayarotijohn | IG: @roti_john_cheese_putrajaya

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