Why You Should Be Hiring Millennials

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Millennials are the group of people who are born between the early 1980 to the early 2000s and are slowly flooding into the workforce. Don’t be misguided by the bad press as with the right approach, Millennials make great employees and will make a positive impact towards businesses and the community. Here are the reasons why you should be hiring millennials.

1) Resourceful

Millennials are one of the most resourceful generations. Having grown up with the technology boom, they are aware that any questions can be answered and can uncover the latest “shortcuts” in doing work just by utilizing technology. In short, Millennials don’t take “No” for an answer and will go all out to solve the problem.


2) Embraces Responsibilities

Having seen entrepreneurs in late teens and early 20s making it big in business, Millennials are looking for bigger responsibilities to showcase their abilities. Don’t be surprised that in the next big project at your company, a Millennial raises his or her hand to take on the project and complete it successfully.

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3) Challenges Assumptions

This is where the misconception lies. People perceive Millennials who challenge assumptions of their superiors as lacking respect. In reality, Millennials challenge assumptions with the aim of seeking more efficient ways of doing things. After all, if Henry Ford didn’t challenge assumptions of customers, we would still be riding horses to work.

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4) Feedback

Feedback to Millennials is like water to fishes. Millennials welcome feedback as it shows to them that their employers value their contributions at work. Millennials also want to constantly improve themselves and hence, even constructive feedback is welcome. Just ensure that it is in real-time, and not in a yearly performance review cycle.

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5) Comrade Culture

Millennials love to feel as if they are apart of a larger team, and not working in silos. Having witnessed events such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Millennials have an inner desire to help others and sticking together. This enables a more team mentality to be formed and increase teamwork in the workplace.

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6) Beyond the Dollar Sign

Contrary to popular beliefs, most Millennials don’t look at salary as the main motivation to work. Millennials look at the non-monetary aspects such as how their work impacts the communities we live in, flexible working hours, using technology, etc. This also explains why more and more millennials are ‘starting-up’ their own business which does not necessarily equate to profit. 

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7) Developing Others

Millennials have a strong sense of giving back to others and society at large. Millennials looks for mentoring opportunities to mentor and develop new employees so that everyone can perform at optimum levels, which is good news for businesses.

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8) High Expectations

Millennials have high self-expectations. They are always looking at doing things better and looking to create a bigger impact. In the workplace, this allows innovative thinking and new solutions to be formed as a result of Millennials relentless pursuit of their own expectations.

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