Top 10 Pet Training Schools in Singapore

Top 10 Pet Training Schools in Singapore 2022
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Having a pet such as a dog at home may offer you good companionship. But what if your dog is uncontrollable and prone to wreaking havoc or misbehaves most of the time? This is where a pet training school comes in, where qualified and certified dog trainers are responsible for training them in essential lessons like good manners and socialisation. That said, check out the Top 10 Pet Training Schools in Singapore!

1) Pawsitive Furkids Dog Training School

Pawsitive Furkids’ co-owners Patrick Koh and Veronica Tan are both experienced trainers dedicated to providing a safe and conducive learning environment for all types of dogs. Their services are diverse, covering obedience training to behaviour modification and puppy kindergarten, to name a few. You can also sign your dog up to learn various new tricks like peekaboo, crawling and hoop-jumping. Patrick and Veronica’s method of teaching has earned accolades among many satisfied dog owners, praising them for their overall patience and understanding in training the dogs. | FB: PawsitiveFurkids | IG: @pawsitive_furkids

– Choa Chu Kang
– Upper Bukit Timah
– East Coast
– Bedok

2) Amber’s Cottage

At Amber’s Cottage, the trainers believe the effective guide of training dogs is based on pure, simple science. And to achieve that, they use a behavioural approach called ADB a.k.a. Affective Dog Behaviour, which involves understanding the canine’s hearts and minds. They have over 17 years of experience and have successfully trained over 1,300 dogs. Among the services offered at Amber’s Cottage include Puppy Essentials (suitable for puppies aged 2-6 months old) and Behaviour Therapy (e.g. training solution, communication technique & body language). | FB: AmberToyPoodle | IG: @ambertoypoodle

3) APawz Dogsports & Canine Talents Academy

APawz Dogsports & Canine Talents Academy

Jazz Ng, both founder and chief trainer of APawz Dogsports & Canine Talents Academy, has been training dogs for decades. She offers various dog programmes like obedience courses, behaviour modification, puppy sports, and canine talents. Her impressive skills and sound knowledge have won numerous praises, coupled with her utmost patience and dedication to treating every dog like her own. | FB: apawzdogsportsacademy | IG: @apawz_dogsports_acad

4) Mutt Matters

Mutt Matters

Mutt Matters provides peace of mind when you send your dog for training, adopting a scientifically proven, humane, and reward-based approach to educating dogs in a positive manner. Anna Koo, who founded Mutt Matters, is reputed for being one of the few CCPDT-KA (Certified Council for Professional Dog Trainers – Knowledge Assessed)-certified dog trainers in Singapore. Services include basic canine manners, behaviour modification as well as workshops & talks. | FB: SGmuttmatters | IG: @sgmuttmatters

5) Supaw Dog Training Singapore

Supaw Dog Training Singapore

Supaw Dog Training’s primary goal is to train dogs effectively using the LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) approach. This involves educating dogs in a humane and positive reinforcement way that does not promote punishment, shock, or aggression. They offer professional services like assessing dogs’ behavioural problems and private home training. For the latter, among the course details include learning theory (e.g. potty training & socialising) and loose leash walking. | FB: supawdogsingapore | IG: @supawdogsingapore

6) SuperNova International Dog Sports Academy

SuperNova International Dog Sports Academy

Formerly AK9 Athletic Academy, Supernova International Dog Sports Academy adopts a positive and humane approach to educating dogs. You can find various services provided here, namely Train4Me and Consultation. The former is suitable for every puppy aged 3-10 months old, where they will learn the likes of potty training, crate/playpen training and various position cues (front, side, close & centre). They also provide courses such as Tricks & Agility Flatwork, Progressive/Competitive Obedience and Private Home Training. | FB: supernovainternational

7) Waggies Dog School

Waggies Dog School

Waggies is no stranger to training dogs, given its longstanding establishment that stretches way back to 1985. Not to mention this school is experienced enough in handling all types of dogs, meaning you can rest assured your beloved furry friend is in good hands. Patrick Wong, who has over 30 years of experience in professional dog training, personally conducts every class. | FB: waggiespc

8) PUPS Dog Training School

PUPS Dog Training Schoo

The award-winning Pups Dog Training School uses positive training methods to help understand the dogs better. This not only helps to build trust but also provides a stronger bond between the owner and their respective dog. And for peace of mind, all the trainers here are qualified professionals with years of experience. In terms of services, the school offers level-based obedience life skills, behavioural consultation and dog sports training discipline. The latter covers the likes of agility, terrier & retrieving trials, and doggy dancing. | FB: PUPSSG | IG: @pupssg

9) Hopefordogs Canine Training

Hopefordogs Canine Training

At Hopefordogs Canine Training, they do not use aggression to train dogs but adopt a force-free and science-based method instead. This, in turn, helps to promote positivity and better bonding during the dog training session. Not to forget you can send your dog for training without paying a hefty price tag since their fees are made affordable for everyone. Their services include the basic manners programme and behavioural modification. | FB: HopeForDogsCanineTraining | IG: @hopefordogscaninetraining

10) Pawrus Animal Behaviour Clinic & Dog Training Academy

With decades of experience in pet training and grooming, you can count on Pawrus to offer its best services for your beloved cat or dog. Using the latest behavioural science via positive reinforcement, rest assured they take good care of every pet like their own without resulting in fear, force and aggressive techniques. In fact, Pawrus’ made its mark as the first and only clinic in Singapore certified in the management, treatment and rehabilitation of animal behaviour using the aforementioned methods. | FB: Pawrus Animal Behaviour Clinic & Dog Training Academy | IG: @pawrussg

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