10 Reasons Why Kareena Kapoor Is A Bollywood Star

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Kareena Kapoor has been in Bollywood for the last 16 years. She entered as a newcomer and is now a huge superstar in Bollywood. Despite the fact that she is part of the first family of Bollywood, Kareena had her own struggles in the film industry before she managed to make a name for herself. Today, she is known by everyone as Bollywood fans from the early 2000s have seen her grow from the obnoxious Kareena that she was to the great talent that she is today. Let’s find out why Kareena Kapoor deserves to be known as a Bollywood star.

1) She follows her heart

Since the beginning of career, Kareena Kapoor has been known to follow her heart not her mind. This resulted in many flop films and relationships that went sour. Still, Kareena does not regret any single thing that she has put her heart to or given her heart to.

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2) She’s honest

Kareena is one of the most honest actresses in Bollywood. She was among the first actresses from her generation, who was willing to speak her mind, irrespective of whether it was right or wrong. This is also why she never hid her relationships from the media and from her fans. She was not ashamed of anything she did or anyone she got involved with.

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3) She’s an amazing actress

Anyone, who has watched Kareena’s films, know that she’s a natural actress. Even her co-stars praise her on how well she can deliver her lines without preparing too much for it. Acting is in her blood, so it’s no wonder that she doesn’t really need time to prep for her role; it comes easy to her.

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4) She’s not competitive

Despite the fact that she’s superbly talented, Kareena Kapoor is not into competition. She’s only in Bollywood to act and couldn’t care less about what other actresses are doing. She is one of the few actresses, who rejects big roles and does not regret it when other actresses take on the roles that she has rejected. She couldn’t care more if the films she refused to do go on to become big hits at the box office.

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5) She’s a loyal girl

Kareena might be a superstar in her own right, but she’s also a loyal girl. She has been known to stand by her friends and be by her husband’s side through thick and thin. She’s fiercely protective of the ones she love and has no problem showing it.

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6) She is part of the first family of Bollywood

Kareena Kapoor is the granddaughter of Raj Kapoor, who’s known as Bollywood’s first showman. The Kapoors are also known, as the first family of Bollywood because it’s the only family, whose family members have been actively involved in the film industry as actors, directors and producers. Kareena’s sister, Karishma Kapoor, was a famous actress as well in the 90s and early 2000s. Her parents, Babita and Randhir Kapoor were both actors in late 70s and 80s. Her cousin is a famous actor too, Ranbir Kapoor.

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7) She has a great fan following

Kareena’s fan following is so huge and great that even she acknowledges their presence. In an interview, Kareena has said that her fans love her so much that they are ready to take anyone down for her.

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8) She has acted with Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan

Kareena Kapoor is one of the few actresses, who has had all the 3 Khans as her co-stars. She acted with Shah Rukh Khan in her 4th film titled ‘Ashoka’. She was Salman Khan’s co-star in ‘Kyun Ki’ and in ‘3 Idiots’, she shared the screen for the first time with Aamir Khan. Coincidentally, all 3 Khans have also acted with her sister, Karishma Kapoor.

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9) She is young enough to act with the new generation of actors

Kareena started acting when she was really young. She was old enough to be cast opposite the Khans and now she’s young enough to be cast opposite the new generation of actors, like Arjun Kapoor and Imran Khan. Imran Khan is the nephew of Aamir Khan.

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10) She married into Indian royalty

She might be Bollywood royalty, but Kareena, in real life, did get married into a royal family, the Pataudis. In 2012, she married Saif Ali Khan, who’s also an actor and who happens to be the son of an Indian Nawab (a title that is similar to a prince) and an Indian actress called Sharmila Tagore.

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