The World’s First Ridable Transformer Robot: J-Deite RIDE

How many of you are fans of Transformers? If you’re nodding your head and raising your hand, then you’d want to keep reading. Japan has just released a new transforming robot, with an extra bonus. Besides being able to transform from humanoid mode to vehicle mode (and vice versa), you can also ride and drive the J-Deite RIDE!

J-Deite RIDE

Being a transforming robot, the J-Deite RIDE would fit right in with the Autobots. In humanoid mode, it stands at 3.7 metres, whereas in vehicle mode, it has a total length of 4 metres. It is operable from the driver’s seat, or it can be controlled by remote control via wireless network as well. Naturally, in vehicle mode, it moves on wheels. In humanoid mode, besides the expected bipedal walking, it can also travel on wheels as well. Its maximum (theoretical) speed in vehicle mode is 60 km/h, and it can seat two people.

Transformer robot; J-deite RIDE

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Brave Robotics

Brave Robotics is the company which designed the robot hardware, and president Kenji Ishida is the man behind the company. After the J-Deite RIDE project, they have another goal to conquer. According to the J-Deite RIDE website, their ultimate goal is to construct a transformation robot with a length of 5 metres, to be completed in the 2020s.

J-diete Transformer
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Asratec Corp.

On the other hand, Asratec Corp. is the mastermind behind the robot’s software development. Wataru Yoshizaki heads this corporation, and developed the “V-Sido” interface software. Together with Brave Robotics, they have managed to bring the J-Deite RIDE to life!

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