Top 10 Yoga Studios in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Yoga Studios in KL & Selangor
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Ready for some zen moments amid all the hustle and bustle in the concrete jungle? Joining a yoga session would be an ideal choice for strengthening your mind, body and soul. Not to mention practising yoga can reap various benefits from reducing stress levels to improving flexibility and even losing weight. That said, here are the Top 10 Yoga Studios in KL & Selangor!

1) Life Hot Yoga

Life Hot Yoga

True to its name, Life Hot Yoga specialises in hot yoga classes — all of which are well-equipped with comprehensive facilities from its far-infrared heating system to complimentary shower amenities and lockers. The former refers to the sophisticated heating system installed in each hot yoga class designed to emit negative ions while improving blood circulation and promoting healthy skin. They provide eight different types of hot yoga classes such as the Hot 26 (a yoga session that involves 2 breathing exercises & 26 postures) and Hot Detox Flow, which focuses on designated yoga poses to help stimulate the digestive system. Prices start from RM 80 onwards. | FB: lifehotyoga | IG: @lifehotyoga

2) Hot Yo Studio

Hot Yo Studio

This Desa Sri Hartamas-based hot yoga studio primarily targets the young crowd regardless of beginners or intermediate students. Their classes are all specially equipped with far infrared heaters so expect to sweat it out while learning how to de-stress and other yoga-related techniques. Not sure whether hot yoga is right for you? Fret not since Hot Yo Studio offers a free trial for newcomers. | FB: HYShartamas | IG:

3) Manasa Yoga

Manasa Yoga

At Manasa Yoga, founders Manoj Kaimal and Sandhya are dedicated to cultivating awareness and all relevant teachings related to yoga. Classes are divided into three main categories including Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. They also offer different yoga sessions such as ashtanga, pulsations and teacher’s choices. The latter refers to the combinations of the selected yoga styles, making it suitable for students who are up for the challenge. | FB: ManasaYogaSchool | IG: @manasayoga

4) Yoga House

Yoga House

Experience moments of calmness and tranquillity at Yoga House, thanks to its strategic location within the quiet neighbourhood of PJ’s Section 16. Yoga House also runs as a boutique-style studio, with every class favouring a more personalised approach between the teachers and students. Expect varieties of yoga classes designed for every level of students, namely Beginners/Preliminary, Meditation and Pranayama. Senior citizens can also benefit from their specialised prop-focused yoga session. | FB: YogaHouseAtPJ

5) Mysore Room

Mysore Room

Mysore Room adopts the traditional teaching of Ashtanga Yoga, which focuses on eight limbs such as Dharana (concentration), Pranayama (breathing control) and Asana (yoga postures). Conducted by Yan Ong and Manuel Ferreira, yoga classes are available for both beginners and advanced students. Keep in mind that new students enrolled for the Mysore-style Ashtanga classes are required to have a 1-month commitment with a Kickstarter beginner’s pass. | FB: mysoreroom | IG: @mysoreroom_kl

6) Prana Yoga KL

Prana Yoga KL

It doesn’t matter whether you are a complete newbie or already an expert in practising yoga. By adopting the “Yoga For Everyone” mantra, Prana Yoga welcomes all ages regardless of young or old. For the former, they even offer yoga classes for kids aged 4 to 8 years old. Their classes come in three difficulty levels including Level 1 (Moderate), Level 1.5 (Dynamic) and Level 2 (Challenging). | FB: pranayogakl | IG: @pranayogakl

7) Aravind Yoga

Aravind Yoga

Aravind Yoga teaches all kinds of yoga classes, beginning with basic-level practices such as Yin Yoga and Hot Yoga. Intermediate learners can look forward to more challenging practises including Power and Aerial Yoga, which focus on physically-demanding yoga variations and sequences. Classes are available for both walk-ins and unlimited passes starting from 3 months to 12 months. | FB: yogakl | IG: @aravindyoga

8) Omology Yoga

Omology Yoga

Located at 37-2 Plaza Damansara, this minimalist yoga studio specialises in different types of related classes. Beginners can look forward to the likes of Omology Yoga’s 101 classes, where they will be taught all the basic essentials from breathing to postures. For more challenging yoga sessions, look out for their Core and Vinyasa classes. Pricing for the class starts at RM 50 but newcomers who want a full experience may opt for the RM 150 New Yogi passes, which include 30 days’ worth of unlimited yoga classes at any time. | FB: omologyyogakl | IG: @omologyyoga

9) OhanaJo Studio

OhanaJo Studio

OhanaJo Studio needs no introduction, given the founder’s (Jojo Struys) recognition as both a veteran TV and wellness personality over the decades. Apart from offering regular yoga sessions, OhanaJo Studio also includes other related classes such as sound healing and transformational workshops. To book a class, you need to register as a member beforehand. | FB: OhanaJo Studio | IG: @ohanajostudio

10) Yogshakti


Yogshakti caters for all age groups from children aged 5 to adults, with various classes available that suits your respective needs. This includes the likes of the Integrative Yoga, which focuses on breathing techniques and relaxation while Yoga Nidra helps to promote healthy sleep. Their classes are flexible, where you can either drop-in for one class or commit for multiple classes (5, 10, or 20 sessions). | FB: Yogshakti | IG: @yogshakti_

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