Top 10 Plant Nurseries in Johor

Top 10 Plant Nurseries in Johor
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When it comes to beautifying or improving the appearance of your spaces, adding the likes of plants and flowers can make a lot of difference. The one place to look for plants has to be plant nurseries, where they house different types of plant and flower species. And while there are plenty of them available, we made it easier for you by narrowing down a list of Top 10 Plant Nurseries in Johor.

1) Tan Kok Leyong Nursery Sdn Bhd

Tan Kok Leyong Nursery Sdn Bhd

Tan Kok Leyong Nursery Sdn Bhd goes way back to 1976, where they offer various types of landscape plants at a wholesale price. Here, you can find everything from ground cover to trees, bonsai and potted plants. They also sell relevant supplies and materials for planting and landscaping purposes. You can shop conveniently online right here or visit their physical nursery. | FB: TanKokLeyong | IG: @tkl_onlinestore

2) YX Nursery Sdn Bhd

YX Nursery Sdn Bhd

Located at Kota Tinggi, YX Nursery is a wholesale plant nursery with various potted plants and flowers to choose from. This includes the likes of roses, Calatheas, marigolds and spathiphyllum (peace lily). They also supply garden soils suitable for planting leaves, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Apart from selling products, you can engage their services for landscaping needs or event decoration projects.

FB: YXNursery

3) MCL Garden & Landscape Design

MCL Garden & Landscape Design

A one-stop centre for all your garden or landscape needs, MCL Garden & Landscape Design houses a wide range of potted plants, trees and flowers. They also provide various related services such as turfing, landscape design/build/maintenance as well as plant & supply of cow/pearl/carpet grasses. If that’s not enough, they even have their own art gallery that sells quality oil & watercolour paintings and porcelains. | FB: MCLGARDENNURSERY | IG: @mclgarden

4) Agro Nursery Landscape & Supply Sdn Bhd

Agro Nursery Landscape & Supply Sdn Bhd

Agro Nursery Landscape & Supply Sdn Bhd stocks all kinds of potted plants, flowers and trees for both indoor and outdoor uses. They also supply various succulents and cacti too. Other than selling products, you can also engage them for landscaping and hardscaping design, say for your outdoor home garden.

FB: agrojb68



Operating since 2009 in Muar, GL Nursery is where you can find high-quality trees and plants regardless of indoor or outdoor needs. For the former, you can look forward to over 40 types of trees specially cultivated for landscaping. But if you prefer palm trees, they got them all covered too. Choices are just as aplenty for their range of shrubs, climbers and ferns with more than 50 types of them available. | FB: GL.Nursery.malaysia | IG: @gl.nursery

6) Riverview Flora Enterprise

Riverview Flora Enterprise

At Riverview Flora Enterprise, they have different types of live plants available such as caladiums, red maple bonsai trees and asparagus ferns. You can also find other products like flower pots, vegetable seeds, garden soils, natural pesticides and fertilisers. And if you are looking for gardening tools and accessories like trowels and long pruning shears, they stock plenty of these items as well. Riverview Flora Enterprise does professional landscape design too, and provides other related services including landscape maintenance and tree planting.

FB: riverviewflora

7) Chwee Hwa Nursery Sdn Bhd

Chwee Hwa Nursury Sdn Bhd

This family-run business has been operating for the past 20 years and still counting. The lady owner is known to be friendly and if you are unsure what to look for, don’t hesitate to ask her for assistance or recommendation. The nursery itself has plenty of plants and flowers available and best of all, they are affordably priced to suit every budget. Chwee Hwa Nursery also provides landscaping & gardening design as well as maintenance services.

FB: ChweeHwaNursery

8) Soon Brothers Landscape Sdn Bhd

Soon Brothers Landscape Sdn Bhd

No matter you are looking for plants, trees or gardening tools, you can find them right here at Soon Brothers Landscape Sdn Bhd. Expect reasonable prices while their services are both friendly and accommodating. And there are more, as they also supply other relevant items such as garden soils, fertilisers and various types of pebbles for your landscaping needs.

FB: soonbrotherslandscapesdnbhd | IG: @soonbrothers

9) One Garden and Nursery

One Garden and Nursery

If there’s one thing about One Garden & Nursery worth mentioning the most, it has to be their varieties of plants available for your gardening or landscaping needs. And by varieties, they have them in abundance. Take their herbal plants, for example. You can find the likes of rosemary, thyme, and parsley, just to name a few. They even have fruit plants you can grow in your gardens such as ciku, jackfruit, pulasan and dukong.

FB: ONE-Garden-Nursery-107641434309504 | IG: @onegarden.nursery

10) Blooming Landscaping Design

Blooming Landscaping Design

The word “choices” is best described for Blooming Landscaping Design, where they operate a nursery selling reasonably priced yet healthy plants and flowers. The staff is helpful and you can expect new plants coming in every week. Other than plants and flowers, they also sell different types of stones and pebbles, fertilisers and flower pots.

FB: Blooming-Landscaping-Design-474235383009841

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