Top 10 Indian Restaurants in Johor

Curries and biryani, banana leaf rice and naan. How will one choose, when there’s plenty of choice when it comes to Indian cuisine? Well, for all these and more, visit the Top 10 Indian Restaurants in Johor, where you can enjoy these dishes and more, all with a spicy kick!

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1) Yash South Indian Cuisine

From breakfast to main course meals, Yash South Indian Cuisine got them all covered here. Start your day with their popular Idli or Poori set and during lunchtime, go for their Chicken Meal or Vegetarian Chicken Meal. For a la carte dishes, among their menu options available include chicken masala, deep-fried chicken and mutton varuval, just to name a few. Yash South Indian Cuisine opens daily from 8 am to 9 pm.

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2) Bharat Curry House

Looking for a satisfying yet reasonably priced Indian cuisine? You might want to consider paying a visit to Bharat Curry House! They serve awesome banana leaf rice set no matter you are going for meat, vegetarian or seafood varieties. Their curries are full of spices and flavours too. For side dishes, some of their must-tries include tandoori chicken, mutton masala and chicken malai tikka.

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3) The Kittengi

Fans of briyani dishes might want to give it a taste at The Kitenggi! Packed with enough spices and flavour, they have various choices from the classic Chicken Briyani to Mutton Briyani, Prawn Briyani and even Crab Briyani. Those who prefer the vegetarian version can look forward to the likes of Mushroom Briyani, Paneer Vegetable Briyani and Mock Chicken Vegetable Briyani. Even if you are not into briyani, they have other authentic North & South Indian dishes like Fish Tikka Masala, Mutton Varuval and Chicken 65. | FB: The Kittengi | IG: @thekittengi

4) V Spice Cafe & Restaurant

Offering both North and South Indian cuisines, V Spice Cafe & Restaurant’s menu covers from breakfast to lunch and dinner staples. This includes the likes of fluffy naan bread, where you have it plain, butter, garlic or kashmiri. They also serve both meat, vegetarian and seafood biryani sets, most of which come with gravy, raita, egg and crunchy papadam. If you prefer a la carte, do try some of their recommended dishes such as Butter Chicken, Aloo Gobhi and Garlic Prawn Curry. | FB: VSpice | IG: @vspicecafe

5) Chakra Restaurant

Serving authentic Indian cuisine since 2004, Chakra takes pride in preparing all of its dishes fresh using only the best ingredients possible. And to preserve its authenticity, the restaurant goes as far as hiring highly-trained chefs, who have experience working in some of the top restaurants and hotels in India. Their menu covers everything from assorted naan & paratha to briyani dishes, butter chicken masala and mango fish curry, just to name a few.

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6) J.H. Lovely Sweets (North Indian Vegetarian)

J.H. Lovely Sweets specialises in North Indian vegetarian cuisine, offering dishes like Saag Punjabi, Bhindi Masala (okra masala) and Bitter Gourd Karela. They also serve savoury Indian street snacks and homemade Punjabi sweets ranging from Samosa to Panipuri, Laddu and Barfi. And if you love paratha, do try their popular Plain or Aloo Paratha. Best paired with a glass of hot and aromatic masala tea.

FB: JH Lovely Sweets | IG: @jh_lovelysweets

7) The Spice Kitchen

The Spice Kitchen combines the best of both worlds, where they specialise in fusion Indian-Chinese cuisines using generations-old authentic recipes. For starters, savour their Maharaja Tandoori Chicken (full/half), which uses spring chicken marinated in homemade tandoori masala and various Indian spices. Moving on to their Indian-Chinese entrées, their menu consists of everything from the marinated Chicken Lollipop to stir-fried Hunan Lamb, sweet & spicy Devil Prawns and the veggie-friendly Paneer Butter Masala. | FB: The Spice Kitchen | IG: @thespicekitchenjb

8) Agneey’s Cuisine Indian Restaurant

Located at Taman Tampoi Indah, Agneey’s Cuisine Indian Restaurant is a place where you can enjoy some good thosai. In fact, it was their thosai that made them such a favourite among many patrons looking for a quick breakfast. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to pair your favourite thosai with a glass of fragrant masala tea, which happens to be another crowd favourite here. Come lunchtime, you can look forward to their banana leaf rice set and other flavour-packed side dishes like chicken masala and fried bitter gourd.

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9) Taj Banana Leaf Restaurant

A cosy, yet family-friendly Indian restaurant located at Taman Mount Austin, Taj Banana Leaf Restaurant’s menu is diverse. They cover both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, all of which are prepared using only the best and natural ingredients typically used in India. Some of their recommended dishes include tandoori chicken, butter chicken masala and aromatic Hyderabadi dum biryani.

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10) Village Briyani Cafe

For all things briyani, this is where Village Briyani Cafe excels at. They serve various types of briyani here, covering everything from chicken to mutton, prawn and vegetarian. Their menu also includes the usual breakfast options, namely naan and chapati. Those who prefer to order a la carte dishes can go for scrumptious choices such as Fried Chicken, Garlic Tandoori Chicken and Chicken 65.

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