Top 10 Fresh Seafood Deliveries in KL & Selangor

Top 10 Fresh Seafood Deliveries in KL & Selangor
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Hate going to a wet market early in the morning just to get some fresh seafood for your upcoming lunch or dinner meal? With fresh seafood deliveries, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. All you need to do is place your order online and just wait for your fresh catch to arrive at your doorstep. Here are the Top 10 Fresh Seafood Deliveries in KL & Selangor areas!

1) Live Mud Crab

Live Mud Crab

As the name suggests, this seafood supplier specialises in selling fresh live mud crabs for both restaurant owners and everyday customers. Rest assured their mud crabs are high-quality and reasonably priced as well. They also sell other seafood varieties like freshwater prawns, scallops and soft shell crabs. Do follow their social media pages since they regularly have promotions on their seafood items.

FB: livemudcrab | IG: @livemudcrab

2) Art Of Salmo

Art Of Salmo

Not just your average seafood supplier, Art Of Salmo’s unique speciality lies in their Norwegian fjord trout — the first of its kind that sells online in Malaysia. To ensure optimal freshness and quality, all of their fjord trouts are air-flown directly from Norway and vacuum-packed before being delivered right to your doorsteps. And the good thing is, you don’t have to worry on how to cook a fjord trout. Simply purchase their “magic sachet”, which is actually a special blend of seasoning that allows you to enhance the flavour of the fjord trout prior to grilling or baking! | FB: artofsalmo | IG: @art_of_salmo

3) Seafood Malaysia

Seafood Malaysia

Seafood Malaysia is a platform that brings together aquaculture farmers, equipment suppliers as well as fishermen and fishing boat owners from all over Malaysia. Whether you are a restaurant owner or a regular consumer, you can find various related products such as fresh seafood (e.g. salmon, lobster and crab), dried seafood and even aquaculture equipment. | FB: | IG: @seafoodmalaysia

4) MySeafoodMart


With over 20 years of experience, MySeafoodMart is no stranger to offering fresh seafood for both businesses and households. All of their seafood items are sourced from their daily catch to ensure the utmost freshness, even when they arrive on your doorsteps. Orders are neatly packed into a plastic bag before placed into a styrofoam box covered with ice. You will only be charged a flat rate of RM15 for deliveries around Klang Valley such as KL, PJ, Subang and Puchong. | FB: MySeafoodMart | IG: @myseafoodmart

5) Sea Fresh

Sea Fresh

Sea Fresh prides itself in offering only the freshest seafood sourced directly from fishermen. Every catch will undergo meticulous processes from vacuum packing to flash freezing before sending them for delivery to your doorsteps. Some of the seafood varieties you can find from Sea Fresh include Spanish Mackerel Fish Head, Grouper Fish, Norwegian Salmon Steak and Flower Crab. | FB: seafreshdaily | IG: @seafreshdaily

6) Seafood Hamper

Seafood Hamper

Originated from Piau Kee Seafood Retails (M) Sdn Bhd, Seafood Hamper made its debut in 2010. Just like the name suggests, they specialise in pre-packaged and customisable choices of seafood in a box. They have various sets to choose from, namely the Daily Seafood Hamper consisting of salmon steak, Saba mackerel fish, Farrest scallop meat, Unagi Kebayaki and Vanamie prawn meat. You can also enjoy free delivery for any purchase above RM150 within the Klang Valley area. | FB: seafoodhamper | IG: @seafood_hamper

7) Allo Ha Seafood

Allo Ha Seafood

At Allo Ha Seafood, all fishes that are freshly caught will be frozen immediately to prevent bacterial degradation. The direct freezing process also helps to improve the meat quality of the fishes while preserving its overall freshness. Here, you can find varieties of fishes such as Norwegian trout and Atlantic salmon. To place your order, simply PM them or call 016-635 7289.

FB: Allo Ha Seafood

8) Grand Seafood Sdn Bhd

Grand Seafood Sdn Bhd

At Grand Seafood Sdn Bhd, you can find varieties of fresh and frozen seafood sourced from all over the world. This includes the likes of Korean abalone, Alaskan king crab, Tiger grouper and Canadian lobster. There will no delivery charges for any purchase above RM250. Keep in mind that deliveries are mainly covered within the Klang Valley areas on weekdays. Other than Klang Valley, customers are required to contact them at 016-662 7015 for delivery arrangement. | FB: GrandSeafoodDelivery | IG: @grandseafooddelivery

9) The Flying Fish Seafood Company

The Flying Fish Seafood Company

There are many reasons that you should consider The Flying Fish Seafood Company as your go-to source for fresh seafood. First up, they only source the freshest seafood possible from trusted fishermen and award-winning fisheries. Each catch will be immediately transported for cleaning and slicing before vacuum-packed to maintain freshness. But in case you find any of their seafood isn’t as fresh as promised, there will be a 100% money-back guarantee.

FB: AmazingSeafood | IG:

10) Hai Yuan Seafood Product

Hai Yuan Seafood Product

Looking for fresh seafood that comes with a competitive price? You might want to look into Hai Yuan Seafood Product, where you can order fresh seafood online and have them delivered directly to your doorsteps. To place your order, do follow their Facebook page to catch their live bidding on available fresh seafood.

FB: haiyuanseafoodproduct

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