Top 10 Food Trucks in KL & Selangor 2023

Top 10 Food Trucks in KL & Selangor
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Food trucks are a norm these days. These mobile kitchens on wheels can be seen in major cities around Klang Valley alone such as KLCC, TTDI, Damansara Uptown and Shah Alam, just to name a few. The good thing about these food trucks is their choices. Plenty of choices, to be exact, with the likes of char kuey teow, burgers, burritos and more! So, whether you are craving for local or international foods, we have gathered our 2023 edition of Top 10 Food Trucks in KL & Selangor.

1) Quackteow

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The name “Quackteow” is exactly what you thought it would be. Char kuey teow stir-fry together with a duck egg and hence the word “quack”. Why duck eggs, though? The same answer is plain and simple: They taste better, richer and more flavourful compared to the chicken eggs typically used for char kuey teow. Their signature Quackteow is a heaven-sent, stir-fry delight: a combination of kuey teow with duck eggs, shrimp, fresh cockles and other ingredients — all charcoal-fried together with enough wok hei. For the ultimate indulgence, go for the Quacksta that comes with additional smoked duck slices and a sunny-side-up egg.

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2) The Gorpis

The Gorpis
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Banana fritters or better known as pisang goreng is a local street snack that needs no introduction. The Gorpis take it up to a notch by layering their pisang goreng with different toppings. Toppings that include their best-selling grated cheddar cheese (Cheese Original), chocolate & grated cheese (Cheese Chocolate) and grated butterscotch & cheddar cheese (Cheese Butterscotch) among others. Their pisang goreng itself is deep-fried to crunchy perfection but still moist and sweet on the inside.

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3) Jom Kopi

Jom Kopi
Image Credit: JomKopi.FoodTrucks

Here’s a food truck where you can get your freshly-brewed coffee fix on the go. And best of all, they sell good coffee minus the above-average price tag. Their menu consists of all-time favourites, namely Hainan Kopi Kaw and Mocha Ping Kaw. Jom Kopi also offers tea series, covering Teh Ping Kaw to Teh Hong Kong Style. Can’t handle caffeine? Not to worry, though since they provide alternatives like Refreshing Lemon Tea and Choco Ping.

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4) Babarittos

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Fancy some mouthwatering Mexican street foods? Babarittos has them all covered here in their food truck. Choices include everything from burritos to quesadillas and nachos. They also have their own speciality called Baba John, a sandwich combo with proteins of your choice (e.g. Black Pepper Beef, Grilled Chicken or Cheesy Mozzarella Chicken). For burritos alone, you have different choices of fillings here, namely Cheesy Mozzarella Beef and Spicy Lamb Stew.

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5) Flaming Wheels

Flaming Wheels
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Flaming Wheels has been in the food truck business since 2012. A period when the concept of food trucks are still unheard of back in the day. Their speciality includes burgers (e.g. The Original Cheese Burger and The Barn Chicken Burger), where the former comes with a 140g beef patty and melted mozzarella cheese while the latter has a crunchy deep-fried chicken patty. You can also opt for their single/double beef or chicken taco (Paco’s Taco’s) or other Mexican street foods including Chimichanga Burrito (Cheezy Chicken/Beef Chilli) and Quesadillas (beef or chicken).

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6) Magic Tiffin

Magic Tiffin
Image Credit: @magictiffintruck

The Brickfields-based Magic Tiffin is where you can enjoy Indian comfort foods. They have various tosai, vadai and idli sets — all of which are served with sambar, coconut chutney and kara chutney. Alternatively, satisfy your cravings with the Magic Tiffin Platter — a combination of thatte idli, tosai, metthu vadai and banana alongside assorted side dishes. If you prefer nasi lemak, Magic Tiffin offers a vegetarian version that includes rice, sambal, peanuts, fried tofu, cucumbers and papadam served with banana leaf. Don’t forget to pair your meal with Narasus Coffee or Single Tea.

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7) Mat Rock Special Ayam Goreng Kunyit

Mat Rock Special Ayam Goreng Kunyit
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Cooking with turmeric is what Mat Rock does best. As the name suggests, their signature Ayam Goreng Kunyit (turmeric fried chicken) is a bestseller here. You’ll get aromatic pieces of turmeric fried chicken served with steamed white rice or you can enjoy it a la carte. Best served with their fiery sambal for an extra spicy kick. If you prefer other turmeric-based dishes, they also offer daging (beef), sotong and prawns.

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8) First Order

First Order
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They don’t call themselves “The Mango Master” for nothing. First Order prides itself on offering varieties of refreshing mango drinks. And yes, they are all blended using 100% pure mango juice. Some of their menu options available include their best-selling Milky Mango topped with fresh mango slices, Mystic Mango a.k.a. mango juice and Mango Lassi. And if you like ice cream with your mango, you’re in a treat here — the Mango Float with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream on top, perfect for cooling down on a hot sunny day.

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9) Abe’s Nasi Kukus

Abe's Nasi Kukus
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Nasi kukus (steamed rice) + ayam berempah (spiced chicken) — a crowd favourite among many patrons who have tasted Abe’s Nasi Kukus’s signature dish. Their steamed white rice pairs well with a whole leg of ayam berempah, which is cooked using various herbs and spices from Kelantan. Each dish comes with assorted side dishes, namely sambal belacan, chopped cucumbers and Kelantan-style spicy gravy. Abe’s Nasi Kukus also offers other chicken dishes such as Ayam Kicap Zimbabwey (Zimbabwe), Ayam Masak Merah (spicy tomato chicken) and Ayam Berlado Berapi.

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10) Breakfast Buddy

Breakfast Buddy
Image Credit: breakfastbuddymalaysia

If you frequent Damansara Uptown, you will probably come across a blue food truck called Breakfast Buddy. They open as early as 7.30 (8 am on Saturdays) in the morning except for Sundays. Perfect for ordering a grab-and-go meal while you’re on your way to the office, they offer assorted breakfast staples to choose from. Try their filling Deluxe L.E.C. that comes with double eggs, chicken slices, lettuce and tomatoes drizzled with savoury cheese sauce. Or go for the Big or Classic Breakfast, offering the likes of fluffy scrambled eggs, hash brown and chicken sausage.

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