The Best and Most Affordable Sushi Eateries in Singapore

the best and most affordable sushi eateries in Singapore
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The adorable Sushi has been a much beloved food of many. Till today,there have been many who set up sushi restaurants in order to cash in on this love of Japanese food. Sushi is quick to eat and yet appetising and filling to the stomachs. When the cuisine first arrived in Singapore, it was very expensive and isolated to those who could afford fine Japanese dining. Nowadays,you can easily find students and retirees dining at sushi bars and cafes that have popped up all over the island of Singapore.

1) Sushi Express

When you see a long queue at a restaurant in a mall,you can be sure that it is Sushi Express. Coming from Taiwan, Sushi express claims to be the biggest ‘conveyor belt’ sushi brand in Taiwan. They have a huge variety of sushi and they even offer Japanese desserts on their conveyor belts. Priced at only $1.50 per plate, no wonder it has long queues at every mall.

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2) Standing Sushi Bar

Despite its name, Standing Sushi Bar does not require you to stand and eat and it does have plenty of seats around. What makes this Sushi Bar a hit is its daily promotions. From $3 for a plate of fresh sashimi to 50% off some dishes, no wonder it is often crowded. From maki to nigiri to sashimi or sake for $2, you call find a wide variety of sushi at this Bar.

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3) Itacho Sushi

At Itacho Sushi, there is a huge collection of sushi and you often find dishes that are not in the other restaurants’ menu such as Japanese flounder. It is worth visiting them during their 50% sales offers in their menu and you get to have salmon with soya sauce at just 40 cents or a whole sea eel for just over $3!

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4) Sushi Take-Out

Sushi Take-out has popped up at several train stations in Singapore and offer Sushi at just 50 cents each. This take-out restaurant is a concept of sushi express and targets busy people who simply want to bring home some sushi. Highly affordable and popular.


5) Nouvelle Fusion Kitchen and Bar

This unique Japanese sushi bar at Orchard Link, offers sushi similar to the Spanish Tapas. With beautiful modern decor, the ambience of the place is very inviting. Ordering has also gone high tech with iPads. However, their prices are down to earth. All their bite sized treats on the conveyor belt is simply just a flat $1.50. A must visit!

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6) Take-outs at Japanese Supermarkets

If you don’t mind buying take-outs at supermarkets, you can Kuriya Japanese Market, Isetan Scotts, or Sushi Bar at Cold Storage Takashimaya for a wide range of freshly prepared sushi that go at great discount after 8 pm. Expect to get up to 50% discount at these outlets.

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