Feel like a Scientist when you DIY your own Bubble Tea Drinks at QR Tea

By now everyone knows what bubble tea is and what you do to get it. You line up, you choose your drink, you pay, you grab it from the counter, you drink it, and then you wish for more. Now you can have the chance to do more! QR Tea Lab has just opened up in Sunway Geo Avenue and its quite the experience.

Image Credit: QR Tea Lab (facebook)

QR Tea Lab is a lab-themed cafe set out to change the concept of serving bubble tea. This new experience allows you to feel like a scientist making your own potions. Customers are literally given a lab coat and encouraged to make their own drinks. Wow, what a change from the usual way of getting bubble tea!

Image Credit: QR Tea Lab (facebook)

How do you make these drinks you ask? Well firstly, you have to look the part so make sure you grab your lab coat. Next, head over to the counter to pick your mixes and ingredients for your drink. They come in cute little test tubes with labels that really help to tie the whole lab-theme concept together. Don’t worry if you aren’t actually a bubble tea fan. At QR Tea Lab, you can also make other tea drinks. Check out the fruits and flowers extracts.

Image Credit: QR Tea Lab (facebook)

Then it is just a matter of mixing and testing everything so you can create the perfect drink for you. And you have complete creative freedom which means you can mix whatever you want. Add a little creativity and you can have a totally insta-worthy drink completely made by you which makes it all the nicer to have.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Sunway Geo Avenue to check out this new experience. Make sure to also bring your friends and family as well! They are open from 12pm to 11pm daily.