Top 10 Confinement Services in Singapore 2021

Top 10 Confinement Services in Singapore 2021
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It’s not easy to manage your day, particularly if you happen to be a new postpartum mum! This is where a confinement service comes in. An experienced nanny or nurse is here to take good care of you and your newborn baby. They also include services like preparing nutritious meals, breastfeeding tips and massage. So, if you are looking for a recommendation, check out our 2021 edition of Top 10 Confinement Services in Singapore.

1) PEM Confinement Nanny Agency Pte Ltd

PEM Confinement Nanny Agency Pte Ltd

PEM Confinement Nanny Agency has been in the business for over 30 years, where they have over 400 professionally-trained nannies to take care of mothers and newborns. Their services include the likes of preparing confinement herbal tonics & baths and specially-curated food. The mothers can also look forward to step-by-step breastfeeding guidance as well as useful tips and advice related to baby care. | FB: PEMConfinementNanny | IG: @pemconfinementnanny

2) Josian Services – Confinement Nanny Agency

Josian Services - Confinement Nanny Agency

Offering confinement nanny care since 2008, all the nannies at Josian Services have at least 4 years of experience. They are also knowledgeable in preparing confinement food and highly supportive of breastfeeding. Their agency provides two types of nanny services including Day Confinement Nannies from 9 am to 6 pm and Live-In Confinement Nannies. For the latter, one of the live-in nannies’ duties would include a 24-hour general baby care service. | FB: ConfinementNannycom

3) 28DayMum Pte Ltd

28DayMum Pte Ltd

Whether you are looking for confinement care or babysitting service, 28DayMum has them all covered for your respective needs. You can find your preferred or suitable nanny by clicking on the list of profiles. From there, you will find all the nannies’ profile photos, details and qualifications. And for peace of mind, rest assured that all of the nannies on 28DayMum’s database are screened and verified beforehand. | FB: 28DayMum | IG: @28daymumsg

4) STAR Confinement Nanny Private Limited

STAR Confinement Nanny Private Limited

At STAR Confinement Nanny, every nanny is well-trained and has over 7 years of childcare experience. They are also equipped with enough knowledge and essential know-how when comes to taking care of mothers and newborns. This includes the likes of teaching the proper way of breastfeeding, preparing confinement herbs & tonics and changing diapers. | FB: star.confinement | IG: @starconfinementnanny

5) NewLife Confinement Services Pte Ltd

NewLife Confinement Services Pte Ltd

NewLife specialises in offering comprehensive and professional confinement care, where all of their nannies have 7-12 years of experience. Depending on your needs and budgets, they offer various services such as Stay-In Confinement Apartment Package and Home Confinement Nanny Services. For the former, NewLife has its own hotel-style apartment. Expect services like breastfeeding support, TCM physician consultation, baby massage and customised confinement meals. | FB: NewLifeConfinement | IG: @newlife_confinement_nanny

6) Kai Suites

KAI Suites

Kai Suites is where you get to recuperate while connecting with your newborn in the comfort of a luxury hotel-like stay. Here, they have experienced nurses to take good care of mothers and newborns. In terms of services, they provide everything from 24-hour professional care to weekly consultation with a TCM practitioner and complimentary breast massage. Kai Suites also offer various facilities such as a spa, aesthetics clinic, multi-purpose yoga studio and even a Private Mothers’ Lounge. The latter is specially catered for mothers to socialise and support each other, which in turn, helps to minimise the risk of postnatal depression. | FB: | IG:

7) NannySOS Confinement Nanny Agency

NannySOS Confinement Nanny Agency

NannySOS only goes for quality nannies with years of experience and knowledge in all things related to confinement care. Their services include confinement nanny, babysitting and prenatal/postnatal care. They also offer daily confinement meal packages, all specially prepared with no added MSG or salt to help the mothers recover and revitalise after childbirth. | FB: ConfinementNannySOS | IG: @confinementnannysos

8) Aunty Lee Confinement Nanny

Aunty Lee Confinement Nanny

Aunty Lee has a wealth of experience in baby care for over 35 years. Being a mother and grandmother herself, she also knows well about TCM herbs and tonics, which are essential for mothers to recuperate their health. To engage her services, get in touch with her or check out the website below. | FB:

9) The Clover Suites 幸孕阁

The Clover Suites 幸孕阁

Combining the boutique hotel-style stay with professional confinement services, The Clover Suites offers not only a spacious luxury suite but other top-of-the-line facilities too. Among them includes a premium boutique spa, facial & beauty salon and a cafe lounge. They have Premium and Deluxe Packages, both of which feature the likes of confinement meal plans, postnatal massages and herbal hair wash. | FB: thecloversuitespostpartum.confinement | IG: @thecloversuites

10) Peranakan Confinement

Peranakan Confinement

Peranakan Confinement employs nannies who are all professionally trained with years of experience. They have knowledge in every related aspect, namely providing essential breastfeeding tips. Peranakan Confinement’s services also include the likes of preparing healthy meals & herbal tonics, laundry & basic housekeeping and 24-hour baby care. | FB: peranakanconfinementnanny

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