Ong Yong Xun, The Remarkable Mind Behind This App For SPM Students

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Have you ever tried doing something you’ve never done before? Most likely you start from the beginning by doing simple tasks. For example, if you’re learning how to sew you might start with patching up holes in a t-shirt. Or maybe you’re learning how to grow a garden. You would start off with maybe two or three easy and low maintenance plants. Well, Ong Yong Xun had a vision to help SPM students and he went from zero to one hundred by creating an app with no coding knowledge!

Ong Yong Xun
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Ong Yong Xun had a dream of helping out SPM students to prepare well for their exam. Many of us have been through the experience of having to be well versed in eight, nine, or ten subjects. And we only had two years to learn everything for that one exam!

While many of us study hard, there should also be a way to study smart. In fact, it shouldn’t just be reading the same long paragraphs in reference books.

Wanting to help students, Ong Yong Xun decided to create an app all by himself. The goal of the app is to provide students with short and concise notes. Moreover, by having everything in one app, they won’t need to carry around so many heavy books.

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However, the biggest challenge was that he has absolutely no background or knowledge of coding. Which is essential in creating an app of any kind. Motivated by his goal to help SPM students, he turned to Google.

After 6 long months of learning, trying, and modifying, he finally has an app that contains 16 subjects worth of SPM notes. And the best part is that the app is completely free for anyone to download and use. In fact, his app is available on both the PlayStore and AppStore.

JomStudy app offers SPM students notes
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Right now, many are using the app and finding it useful while providing him with feedback. Ong Yong Xun is also working on fixing any issues or bugs on the app. Moreover, he hopes to introduce more features in the future.

While this is his first ever app and may need some improvement, his motivation and determination is astounding. What’s more, the app is available at a time when schools are not able to provide the same level of teaching as before. Form 4 students are still required to stay at home.