Malaysia’s Top 10 Event Stylists

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Are you planning for an event or party and want it to look amazing? Here are 10 Event Stylists you should consider engaging. By definition, Event Stylist conceptualizes and articulates your desired vision into a celebration. Or rather in a simpler term, Event Stylist makes your party look splendid. Run through this list. You will soon know why you should stop doing it yourselves and leave the task of event styling to the professionals.

1) Helium & Konfetti


Established in 2011, Helium & Konfetti is an event management company which is based in Kuala Lumpur. Consisting of young and talented individuals, they work together in relishing their passion to organise memorable events. With a respectable track record and commendable testimonials from past clients, Helium & Konfetti’s main objective is to serve their client demands and requirements with a twist of originality and uniqueness. Their aim is to make a stand out and memorable event. From corporate launches to company annual dinners, all the way to wedding receptions and birthday parties, Helium & Konfetti serves all with the synergy of creativity and quality.

FB: helium.konfetti | IG: @heliumnkonfetti

2) BabysBreath


Turning a blank slate into a beautiful reception venue takes hard work, a keen eye for detail and lots of imagination—leave that to Babysbreath because they believe all you need to do is enjoy the stylish party with your beloved guests. Whether your reception will take place outdoors under a tent, within the walls of a large banquet hall or the intimate quarters of a private home, you’ll want your event decorations to showcase your unique style. BabysBreath aspires to make every event a dream come true by taking a creative approach to designing and decorating with contemporary details inspired by the latest trends. | FB: | IG: @babysbreath_events

3) Wishing Tree


Celebrated for their unique ability to transform spaces into lush, magical and truly memorable environments, Wishing Tree is very much sought after as the premier events designer and decorator in Kuala Lumpur. Founded by Lily Chew in 1999, Wishing Tree started out as a little flower shop, offering customised floral design and decorating services with imported flowers in addition to local ones. Over the years, weddings and corporate events have become Wishing Tree’s specialties with floral arrangements as the hallmark with their brand. If you can imagine it, Wishing Tree would love to create it! | FB: wishingtre3 | IG: @wishingtre3

4) I Heart Party


I Heart Party is an event stylist based in Kuala Lumpur who is passionate about creating memorable moments. Run by a happily married couple, they see themselves as beauty and creativity enthusiasts. They believe in making every occasion a special one as “A Happy Customer Would Bring In Another 10 New Referrals!” Be rest assured with I Heart Party as they will give you their very best. If you are also looking to equip your party with inflatables, air-conditioned canopies, and Chiavari chairs, then I Heart Party is the one you should be looking for. | FB: iHeartParty | IG:

5) The Party Idees


The Party Idees is a Sabah-based unique party design company specialising in fresh, innovative and gorgeous dessert tables. Formed by 3 sisters, The Alberts realised their potential in the theme party industry which is close to non-existent in their hometown, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The Party Idees are stylists, designers and event coordinators who believe your event is unique and a true reflection of you. From full on event coordination and design, to day of services or styling, The Party Idees customises service packages based on each client’s needs. Look for The Party Idees to handle your events because “every milestone is worth celebrating”.

FB: ThePartyIdees | IG: @thepartyidees

6) Renai


Looking for an event stylist and design services? Renai has got you covered. Their strengths come from the ability to match colours with beautiful things. However, Renai is not just an ordinary event stylist with fine taste, they go beyond that. They are purveyors of all things fine and beautiful. They also make well-made decorative pillows and runners out of the trendiest fabrics. Follow them to have a look at their home fashion collection, made exclusively in Kuala Lumpur.

FB: atrenai | IG: @renai_kl

7) Mint Events & Soirées


Encompassing event conceptualisation, event styling, tablescapes, wedding planning, parties, and corporate events, Mint is a boutique event planning and styling consultancy based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Inspired and driven by a love for DIY, design and detail, Mint is helmed by a creative team of perfectionists who thrive on the highs of obsessive compulsive perfection. From savvy to luxe soirées, be it an intimate or grand affair, Mint is personally vested and dedicated to realising your dream event. Mint’s bespoke flair for organised chaos and attention to detail with a strong style focus is but one of their collective traits that define them. | FB: minteventsnsoirees | IG: @mint_events

8) Bliss & Glitz


Bliss & Glitz is founded by Jokee, mother of two little boys, who is addicted to anything pretty, creative and craft. With art and design as her passion and profession, in addition to more than 10 years of experience in advertising, she decided to have a break and venture into event styling. Her forte is designing and organising themed wedding parties and her strength is to make sure that your party looks uniquely different and is linked to the love story which made it all happen. Riding on Coochicoo, the name that was built on birthday and full moon events, Jokee covers different types of events besides weddings too. | FB: | IG: @blissandglitz

9) The Peak Xperience

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The Peak Xperience defines stylish and beautiful moments that last a lifetime. The Peak Xperience is a full service wedding consultancy and event planning studio founded by Natasha Khoo. From children’s parties to anniversary celebrations, marriage proposals to wedding receptions, and corporate dinners to annual outings, every event symbolises a new opportunity for The Peak Xperience to design a unique experience for you and your guests. The Peak Xperience is excited about working for happy people who are in love as they also get to work side by side with some of the most passionately talented professionals in the wedding and event industry. | FB: thepeakxperience | IG: @peakxperience

10) Abby Creative Designs

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Abby Creative Designs was created from Abby Sue’s passion for the beauty and creativity in designing beautiful favours for baby events, like aqiqah, cukur jambul, birthdays, baby showers, or welcome home parties. As the proud owner and founder, Abby hopes that she can share her interest with all the mothers out there. Starting out small, Abby Creative Designs focuses on baby events and they believe that it is meaningful to mark a baby’s journey of growing with memorable events. | FB: AbbyCreativeDesigns | IG: @abbycreativedesigns

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