Top 10 Healthy Food Deliveries in Klang Valley

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There are many food deliveries out there, but not all of them are healthy. If one of your new year’s resolutions is to go healthy, check out and try these 10 Healthy Food Deliveries in Klang Valley.

1)  Dah Makan

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Dah Makan started when two hungry techies met a young talented chef and talked about how simple it should be to eat well every day. Today Dah Makan delivers healthy gourmet lunch boxes in KL for hardworking office-goers, gym bunnies and Instagramming foodies. Dah Makan’s lunch boxes are made with the freshest ingredients, crafted with love in a secret kitchen and delivered straight to you. Dah Makan guarantees 100% satisfaction or your money back. | FB: orderdahmakan | IG: @dahmakan

2) DISH by ili

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Giving equal measure to entertainment as well as her food, Ili left her full-time job to go forth with her passion of providing a food service for people. Allow Ili to provide wholesome meals in a Tiffin carrier which she delivers to your doorstep. She also hosts food related workshops, cooking classes, events and gatherings which promise great taste, big laughs and insightful exchanges. With every dish inspired by her heritage, travels, people she has met, musical taste and love for all things zany, be sure to savour every crunch, slurp and gulp when Ili takes charge of the kitchen. She is sure to provide her company with warm, wholesome, fuss-free food made from scratch and a lot of love.

FB: dishbyili | IG: @dishbyili

3) Chopstick Diner

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Eat your veggies like your mum once told you to—this is Chopstick Diner’s philosophy. Covering most of the prime areas in Klang Valley, Chopstick Diner prepares all lunchboxes freshly before delivering them to you. Originally a recipe website, the founder, Elaine Ho, transformed Chopstick Diner into a healthy lunchboxes delivery service. Do check out their website for more wonderful recipes that you can make at home. They also offer corporate catering too. | FB: chopstickdiner | IG: @chopstickdinerlunchbox

4) The Naked Lunchbox

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The Naked Lunchbox gives you an option to eat clean at your office during lunch time! Say no to cheap, oily and dirty fast food; The Naked Lunchbox is here to make healthy food available which are reasonably priced and delicious. They also cater for small meetings and other office events with a variety of vegan, paleo and raw delicious meals! | FB: tnlmy | IG: @thenakedlunchbox

5) The Rebellious Chickpea

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The Rebellious Chickpea offers healthy and delicious food to those who want great taste and still be mindful of what they eat. At RM16 per meal, The Rebellious Chickpea has a variety of meals and a ‘Surprise Me Wednesday’ that will surely satisfy your taste buds.

FB: TheRebelliousChickpea | IG: @therebelliouschickpea

6) EatCleanKL

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EatCleanKL by Khairena offers and delivers wholesome yummy home cooked food, which is a healthier alternative at reasonable prices. EatCleanKL places emphasis on using only fresh produce, organic products, olive oil, minimal salt, no sugar, no saturated fat, no icky oils or MSG.
EatCleanKL advocates healthy living, eating a healthy diet and as cliché as it sounds, your health is your wealth. EatCleanKL’s variety of meals encompasses Asian Fusion, Barbeque, Burgers, Chinese, Delis, Greek and Mediterranean, Sandwiches, Soul Food, Thai, Vegan, and Vegetarian.

FB: eatcleankl | IG: @eatcleankl

7) Healthy LunchboxImage Credit: Healthy Lunchbox

Eat fresh, eat clean, eat simple. Healthy Lunchbox is the way to go for a healthy meal. Delivering to KL City Centre and Damansara, Healthy Lunchbox will indicate how much calories are in their meal of the day; which are typically no more than 400 calories. The good thing is they also deliver to you on weekends if you opt for their 7 meals package. How great it is to have someone to feed you with healthy lunchboxes throughout the week!

FB: healthylunchboxkl | IG: @healthy.lunchbox

8) BigC Healthy Food

BigC says, “Eat the best, leave the rest.” BigC’s home cooked meals are appetising and healthy. BigC usually announces their menu for the week upfront and weekly packages are also available if you decide to let them cater for you 5 days in a row. We say, why not? Since it’s so yummy!

IG: @bigchealthyfood

9) Healthy Ever After

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Healthy Ever After prepares healthy detox program to help your body detox, heal, lose weight and feel amazing! The team at Healthy Ever After advocates a balanced life and a balanced diet. Think of it as a spa treatment for the insides of your body without the scrubs and the wraps! Healthy Ever After provides your body the means to spring clean its system in the most natural way – by eating yummy healthy super foods! | FB: | IG:

10) Huios

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Huios is here to help you on getting your fitness diet on track even on a hectic and busy lifestyle. The team takes their customers’ fitness goal as their own goals. Each meal are designed based on nutritional science with specific macronutrients and calories breakdown. Food ingredients for each menu are carefully chosen to ensure that their customers get their result and achieve their personal fitness goals. Their meals are never frozen, each meal are freshly packed before delivering to the doorstep.| FB: huiosmealprep | IG: @huiosmealprep

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