Top 10 Handmade Bag Stores in Singapore

Top 10 Handmade Bag Stores in Singapore
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Ever come across an awkward situation where you find yourself carrying the same bag as someone else while walking on the street? This usually happens if you purchase mass-produced items that are readily available in shops or malls everywhere. However, if you are looking for something different, why not check out some handmade bag stores that offer unique designs? That said, here are the Top 10 Handmade Bag Stores in Singapore for you to shop at!

1) Kedai Koolcats

Kedai Koolcats

The cat motif rules everything here at Kedai Koolcats, which specialises in handmade products especially for feline lovers. Managed by a husband-and-wife team, they insist only on using high-quality cotton fabric sourced from all over the world for their products. You can find items from bags and pouches to cat-shaped cushions and lanyards. They accept customisation as well, where you can request special made-to-order items like bandana collars, door stoppers or catnip pillows. | FB: KedaiKoolcats | IG: @nurisyana.KedaiKoolcats

2) Mamasewgoods Handmade

Mamasewgoods Handmade

All it takes is a pair of simple tools consisting of a crochet hook and a ball of yarn to craft something beautiful and practical. And that’s what founder Eve Kawashima of Mamasewgoods is good at! Since 2016, she’s been handcrafting the likes of crochet bags and accessories — all of which are available in limited quantities, making them one of a kind that you won’t find anywhere else. Prefer to do it your own? She also offers essential items to get you all started such as weaving nets, balls of yarns and material kits a.k.a. Fairy Mask Holder Kits. There are a few workshops as well, where you can learn how to crochet, weave and sew your own handmade goods under the guidance of Eve herself. | FB: mamasewgoods | IG: @mamasewgoods_official

3) Beary Naise Studio

Beary Naise Studio

At Beary Naise, Zoe Lim and Tian Wen take their passion seriously when it comes to designing and sewing their own handmade goods. They have been doing this since 2015, offering high-quality artisan items such as handcrafted bags, fabric face masks and lipstick holders. Beary Naise also conducts various sewing workshops for all levels, suitable for beginners or someone looking to improve your skills. | FB: bearynaise | IG: @bearynaise



U.TOPI specialises in handmade bags for men and women that emphasises more on minimalist designs, with some of them inspired by floor tiles such as terrazzo and marble. Their bags, which are all available in limited quantities, varies from the likes of drawstring bags to tote bags and backpacks. If you prefer to customise your own bag, simply get in touch with them at

IG: @u.topi

5) Ohhgranny


Bored with the same old mundane-looking pouches and bags? Here’s where Ohhgranny comes in, offering handcrafted items made from premium fabrics. Not to mention they have lots of colourful and lively designs to choose from, covering different motifs like flowers, animals, cartoon characters and even pop culture. Can’t find the right design you are looking for? Ohhgranny accepts limited custom orders as well, where you can reach out to them by submitting your query right here or emailing them at | FB: ohh.granny | IG: @ohhgranny

6) AmeVi Designs

AmeVi Designs

The brainchild of a mother-daughter team who have been managing their online store since 2012, AmeVi Designs specialises in handcrafted lifestyle products such as bags, cases and accessories. All of their designs are made in-house, with only limited quantities available to preserve its exclusivity. But in case you can’t find anything you like, feel free to get in touch with them right here or email them at | FB: AmeViDesigns | IG: @amevidesigns

7) Ashleysummerco


Ashleysummerco brings together a curated collection of lifestyle products made from different materials, namely silk and rattan. For the latter, look out for their handwoven rattan bags that can be used daily, or when you are on a vacation. You can find them in hand-carry or shoulder strap varieties. Find out more about their collections by visiting the website or simply drop them an email at for product or order enquiries. | FB: ashleysummerco | IG:

8) Jess Handmade Studio

Jess Handmade Studio

Be it bags, wallets or pouches, there is something for everyone at Jess Handmade Studio. Jess uses only high-quality fabrics from Japan, Taiwan and Korea to put together all of her products. Most of her products carry bold and bright designs featuring animal motifs of cats and dogs. Other than ready-made items, you can also get in touch with her to have your preferred product customised with different fabric materials instead. | FB: jesshandmadestudio | IG: @jesshandmadestudio

9) Gsews


Looking for a more personalised bag that suits your needs and preferences? You might want to check out Gsews, where founder Grace crafts everything from scratch in her home studio. All you need to do is follow four simple steps, beginning by choosing your template (e.g. Classic Sling, Drawstring Sling or Wide Tote). The rest of the steps include picking your preferred colour for both exterior and interior fabrics as well as add-ons like calligraphy embroidery or regular pocket for the finishing touch. Alternatively, Gsews also offer ready-to-carry bags and other related items made from pre-selected fabrics. | FB: Gsews | IG: @gsews

10) littleoddforest


Founder Lynda Lye of Littleoddforest a.k.a. LOF prides herself in designing and handcrafting every single item with the help of her dedicated team. All of her products are specially made with exclusivity in mind, offering the likes of cute-looking crossbody sling bags and backpacks that featured animal designs. Fancy for something one of a kind? Get in touch with her by opting for a custom order instead. | FB: littleoddforest | IG: @littleoddforest

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