The Perodua Ativa Has Officially Launched And It’s Achieving Many Firsts

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The Perodua Ativa is officially available in Malaysia after a virtual launch instead of a usual big event. During the launch, the D55L SUV was unveiled and the Ativa name was finally confirmed. Ativa is a Portuguese word for active which is probably chosen due to the nature of an SUV. The brand new SUV is quite an accomplishment and marks many firsts for the largest car manufacturer in Malaysia!

Introducing the Perodua Ativa

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Firstly, let’s briefly go through what the new SUV is packing for drivers. The price range starts at RM61,500 and goes all the way up to RM72,000 for the highest model. Prices include a sales tax exemption which is until the 30th of June.

Space-wise, the Perodua Ativa is (LWH) 4,065x 1,710x 1,635 mm with a wheelbase of 2,525 mm. For context, this makes it 170mm longer and 25mm narrower than a Perodua Myvi. Meanwhile, the boot offers a spacious 369 litres for any big items you might need to pack. There is also a full size spare tyre and matching wheel!

The interior cabin of the Perodua Ativa. – Pic courtesy of Perodua
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Meanwhile, the back seats have two levels of seat recline as well as two USB charging ports. The front seats are shaped to offer comfort and are wrapped in either fabric for the X and H models, or black-red leather with suede sides. Inside, drivers will find the touchscreen system also has a reverse camera and auto sound levelling.

Many of us are familiar with the keyless entry and push start features in the Perodua Myvi and some Axia’s. Well, the Perodua Ativa takes it up a notch! There is no physical button to push for the keyless entry. Instead, the driver’s door handle has an electrostatic sensor that only requires a touch.

The First of Many?

The driver's wheel and console of the Perodua Ativa. - Pic courtesy of Perodua
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Moving on, let’s talk about all the firsts that the SUV is achieving. The Ativa is first model in Perodua’s Transformation 3.0 era which is named Perodua Smart Build. This era focuses on sustainability and globalisation.

Next, it is the first to use the Daihatsu New Global Architecture platform as well as a turbo engine and CVT gearbox. There is also a front centre armrest which is covered with a softer material from the H model onwards.