10 Things Baby-Faced People Can Relate To

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Do you have what’s commonly referred to as a baby-face? Think of celebrities like Selena Gomez or Joseph Gordon-Levitt, two adults who have faces that seemingly haven’t changed since they were younger. We hear you, baby-faced grown-ups. It’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re just so darn cute! Here are 10 scenarios that are probably a tad familiar to you. Some cool, some not so much.

1) You need to prove you’re an adult

At the movie theatre for an R-rated movie? Planning to indulge in some alcohol, or other adult-only vices? Well, you probably know just how important it is to carry your identification documents on you at all times, because you WILL get carded, with that baby face of yours.

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2) The Cute Factor

There you are trying to be strapping, debonair, sexy or even sophisticated. Try as you might with a beard, or liberal amounts of makeup, you’re still going to get called cute. You may even still get your cheeks pinched every now and then. Ouch. You probably even get called cute when you’re angry, because baby-faced people getting angry brings back memories of toddler tantrums.

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3) People think you’re always happy

If those who have Resting Bitch Faces will forever be seen as the Grumpy Cats of the human world, then Baby Faces will probably be viewed as those baby memes that keep going viral on the internet. Except, you’re not a baby at all, and sometimes you have bad days too. Still, people expect you to be emanating joy 24/7, just because that’s how your face looks. The struggle is real.

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4) You need to work harder to be taken seriously

Because you’re viewed as this innocent, adorable being, you may have a harder time proving yourself in a professional capacity. Believe it or not, this is a topic that’s been researched, and science backs it up. Those with softer features tend to be perceived as more naïve.

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5) But you are also seen as trustworthy

Despite the seemingly negative impact of the point above, the flip-side is this. You will also be viewed as more honest and dependable than your counterparts who have more mature looking faces. There are pros and cons to every situation, we suppose.

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6) Kid’s Discounts 

Now who doesn’t love getting discounts? If you are often mistaken for a child due to your youthful face, chances are you will probably be getting a whole lot of discounts that are reserved for the under 18 demographic as well. Ah, the perks of a baby face aren’t too bad in this case, right? Kidding, it’s bad if you’re cheating. Now use your baby-faced powers for good only, okay?

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7) People think you’re still in school 

If you insist on being naughty to benefit from kid’s discounts you may as well suck it up and just name a school too, because you’ll be getting this question a LOT. It’s probably useful when you need to shake off credit card salespeople (tried and tested method!), but not so much when you’re trying to flirt with someone and they think you’re a child. Ugh.

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8) You get the kid’s menu at restaurants

Yeah, kid’s portions are tiny and sometimes quite questionable but who doesn’t want to get a free scoop of ice-cream? It’s just not fair that adult’s meals don’t come with free toys and ice-cream, so you may as well use this perk to your advantage. Non-baby faced folk, time to start a petition.

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9) People assume you found the Fountain of Youth

You will be barraged with incessant questions about how you keep your skin supple and soft, or what anti-aging creams you use. No matter how much you insist that this is just how your face is, people will still assume you’re withholding information from them.

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10) You can get away with a LOT

Like crimes, apparently. Take for instance, famed gangster George “Babyface” Nelson, so-named because of his boyish appearance, who often managed to flee crime scenes. Research has also found that baby-faced defendants often face less harsh punishments if found guilty of a crime. Again, this isn’t meant to encourage you baby-faced folks to commit crimes of any kind. Be good now, kids.

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