Meet Jonah, A 6 y/o Little Baker Who Fights To Pursue His Dreams

Be prepared for a heartwarming story of how a little boy doesn’t let anything stop him from doing what he loves best – baking. Jonah was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called skeletal dysplasia. However, despite having a rare condition, he recently managed to kickstart his homemade baking business together with the help of his mother, Yumi, who is a single parent of 2. Through his sheer determination and passion, he strives to pursue his goals and dreams while never giving up! 

About Skeletal Dysplasia 

Image credit: Jonah Bake’s Instagram Page

For those of you unaware of this disorder, it is a condition that affects the overall bones and joints of the body. This also affects the overall development and growth. Some limbs may be shorter than the others as well. Although Jonah loves to play and run around just like other kids his age, skeletal dysplasia causes difficulty in breathing as well as other physical challenges, which prevents him from being as active as he should be. For instance, a minor fall could result in a bone fracture. 

His Journey On Being A Baker

Image credit: Jonah Bake’s Instagram Page

Born on 23rd December 2014, Jonah, who is of Chinese-Japanese heritage, loves to cook and bake. At the age of merely 3 years old, he was already helping his mother out in the kitchen. Despite having several restrictions as a child, Jonah is the definition of a bundle of happiness – including his happy cookies! As of now, he bakes homemade chocolate chips and gingerbread cookies, with the latter being his favourite. Before he started baking, a Youtube Channel was created where videos of Jonah cooking, called Jonah Cooks, were uploaded together with his younger brother Jamian. Baking isn’t his only dream, as mentioned on his Youtube Channel, he also dreams to be an international chef when he grows up. Some of the recipes you can find on his channel are carbonara pasta, chawanmushi and mac & cheese. Being a 6 year old boy, Jonah also wishes to start school soon, but there are multiple setbacks due to his condition. This is why Yumi supported him and gave him the chance to pursue this business. He could learn how to bake and pick up several life skills along the way which could help him for future employment as well. 

Jonah Bakes Happy Cookies

Image credit: Jonah Bake’s Instagram Page

At the moment, Jonah Bakes delivers all across the Klang Valley, filling tummies with happiness and homemade goodness. In the near future, they hope to be able to bake full-time and provide endless delicious baked goods to the community. However, they still have several expenses to cover, hence, by showing your support and purchasing their cookies, you’ll be able to help make their dreams come true! Their Gingerbread Cookies are RM10 for 6 pieces. As for their Chocolate Chip Cookies which are chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside, they are RM15 for 10 pieces. 

You may check out their website to place your orders here or their Instagram page here