8 Ways To Deal With Negative People

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone can get along easily and live in harmony? Too bad the world isn’t a bed of roses. Regardless of wherever you are and whether you like it or not, you are bound to encounter negative people at some point in your life. They can be anyone – your own parent, friend, colleague or even a stranger. So, how to deal with them? Here are a few ways you can try!

1) Understand The Root Of The Cause

Facing a negative person does not mean you have to wage a verbal war against each other, because doing so only makes things worse. Instead, try to understand from their perspective why such negativity happens in the first place. This helps to show your sense of empathy and at the same time, enables you to come up with a better plan to resolve the situation.

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2) Communicate With Them But Never Engage

Ever encounter a person who can’t stop ranting about negative things? It could be anything like having troubles waking up in the morning for work or feeling frustrated over a long queue at a fast food restaurant. You might get annoyed and even possibly be triggered to respond negatively. If such a scenario happens, try to disengage yourself. Learn how to communicate with them instead. Use brief responses like “Oh, I see”, “Okay” or “I understand”. This will likely prevent unnecessary long arguments if you choose to listen to them.

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3) Don’t Take Things Personally

Never let negative people affect you with their toxic comments. When you start taking things personally, it will do you more harm than good. At the end of the day, you might be asking yourself: What’s the whole point of this anyway? Which is why it’s best to remain positive whenever you can.

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4) Hang Out With Positive Friends

There are times when a negative person becomes too much for you to handle. So, what can you do to offset such scenarios? Keeping it all to yourself is not going to make things better. Your best bet is to look for your best friend, a close colleague or anyone who may help you emotionally. They might even give you some positive insights on how to deal with negative people in the future.

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5) Set Boundaries

Let’s face it, everyone reacts differently when comes to dealing with negative people. Which is why setting a limit is crucial to keep your sanity in check. You don’t have to feel pressured or obligated to listen to every single rant from a negative person. Try your best to spend less time with them whenever possible.

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6) Maturity Matters

Negative people tend to be unreasonable or childish in their responses. If you choose to defend yourself against them, it may make things even worse. Instead, approach the situation calmly with your utmost mature behaviour. Don’t react impulsively. Think it through before making your next move.

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7) Change The Subject

You can always try to change the subject upon dealing with negative people. But of course, that doesn’t mean you should do it in an abrupt manner. Acknowledge them first and gradually find the right timing to redirect the heated conversation with something cheerful and positive.

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8) Cut Them Off

If all else fails, you can choose to avoid these negative people and stop socialising with them altogether. You might try lots of ways to deal with them positively but if the situation hardly improved, don’t push yourself too hard. Sometimes you just have to accept that some negative people like to remain… negative. Do not let them drain you into unnecessary sorrows.

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