SpaceX Will Soon Be Making Your Outerspace Travel Goals A Reality

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SpaceX is an American technology aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company. Thus far, they have sent seven tourists into outer space to visit the International Space Station. However, now the company along with Space Adventures Inc. aims to send private citizens into space. And this time it will be higher than ever!

International Space Station
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Previously, only trips to the ISS have been carried out with a total of seven tourists. But SpaceX wants to aim higher. About two or three times higher than the space station. In fact, this adds up to about 800KM to 1,200KM above Earth.

Up to four customers will be allowed to board SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Spacecraft which was developed to transport NASA astronauts. Although the spacecraft has only flown in space once, it was a successful test flight.

SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft
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Moving on, SpaceX plans to launch the new flight into space by the end of next year (2021). As a matter of fact, the aerospace company is already in talks with several possible customers. Before this, the Crew Dragon will be launched with a NASA crew later this year.

Furthermore, no professional pilot or astronaut will be aboard the tourist flight. This is due to the fact that the Crew Dragon operates autonomously. However, as a safety feature passengers will be able to control it if required.

SpaceX Crew Dragon
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While no information is available in regards to the price of a space ticket, it is said to be similar to earlier tourist flights. To provide an example. Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil, paid $35 million for a 10 day space station flight in 2009.

Additionally, California businessman Dennis Tito had to fork out $20 million for an eight-hour stay on the ISS in 2001.

But taking into account inflation as well as the fact that the spacecraft will travel further, it’s not hard to believe that the price could be double.