Phoenix Signature Kitchen Takes Care Of New Mamas With Their Nutritious Confinement Meals

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The journey to becoming a new mother is no doubt exciting and joyful. However, it can also be quite a nerve-wrecking experience, especially for the first-time mums. On top of adjusting to your new bundle of joy, your body also needs to recuperate! That is where the confinement period comes in, and most mothers take this time to rest, bond with their baby, and regain their strength. During the confinement period, consuming nutritious food is of utmost importance, and no one does it better than Phoenix Signature Kitchen!

About Phoenix Signature Kitchen

Phoenix Signature Kitchen is a food delivery company specialising solely in food meant for those who are pregnant, in their confinement period (initial and extended), and who have had a miscarriage. Ng Mun Foong, the founder, was lucky enough to experience 100 days of confinement with both her children, as her own mother is a confinement nanny with more than 30 years of experience. During that time, she had the opportunity to rest, recuperate, and learn to take care of her newborn. She also learnt that she was the exception instead of the norm, as many mothers may not be able to experience a confinement period as long as hers due to either time or cost constraints.

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Nutritious, Home-Cooked Confinement Meals

Besides having an extended confinement period, Ng also breastfed both her children till they were at least a year old, and discovered that to be an enjoyable experience. Her friends were surprised and mentioned that it would be nice to have the luxury of having postpartum nutritious meals after the initial confinement time of 28 days. That’s when the lightbulb moment struck, and Ng came up with the idea of providing home-cooked confinement meals, specially targeted to help with a new mother’s recovery, as well as her milk supply. With her background and passion in postpartum care and breastfeeding, she went to Taiwan to further train in confinement cooking, and to enhance her knowledge. Besides being a trained confinement chef, Ng is also a trained breastfeeding peer counselor with Malaysia Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Association, helping new mothers with their breastfeeding experience.

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Making Confinement Better

Mention confinement, and suddenly everyone has their opinion on what you should or shouldn’t eat, and the frequency of shower-taking and hair-washing. It’s normal that people have their own set of beliefs, all passed down through the generations before us. However, times change, and Phoenix Signature Kitchen hopes to educate and provide alternatives and solutions for new mothers, breaking free of erroneous practices of the past. At Phoenix Signature Kitchen, their main product is their 28-day confinement food package, but more customers are now understanding the importance of extended confinement beyond the initial 28-days, and they cater to those in “extended confinement” as well. At least the food is taken care of while mums take care of their baby!

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All For New Mothers

Phoenix Signature Kitchen’s chefs have more than 100 years of combined confinement cooking experience, and their menu provides postpartum nourishment in six stages. Their menu and package is pro-breastfeeding, though you can select your preferred dishes online. They also use premium Chinese herbs and organic/kampung chicken in their cooking! To date, they have served thousands of mothers, and more than 50% of them are recommendations from past customers, a testament to their great food and service. At the same time, they also educate customers about a proper postpartum diet, combing through the differences between a traditional vs. modern diet. To Phoenix Signature Kitchen, nothing brings them greater joy than receiving positive feedback about how they were able to play a positive role in a new mother’s postpartum recovery!

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“Do what you can with what you have and put your heart and passion in everything you do.” – Phoenix Signature Kitchen

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