8 Real Reasons Why a Marriage Proposal is Important

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Most women think a marriage proposal is important. While it may be too-much-to-ask-for for some men, we decided to find out why it matters for the ladies. From our findings asking the ladies, here are 8 real reasons why a marriage proposal matters to them. Now, we are convinced that all men should propose!

1) Just like marriage, it happens only once in a lifetime.

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2) It shows how committed or serious he is in the relationship.

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3) It is also about how far he is willing to go to “have” you.

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4) It is a fairy tale and dream come true.

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5) It’s about dignity.

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6) It is when he takes a vow and asks the once-in-a-life-time question.

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7) It would be a sweet memory.

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8) It’s the standard now (obviously)

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