Get Deceived by Your Senses at KL’s Museum of Illusions

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Do you always believe what your eyes see, and what your skin feels? At the Museum of Illusions, trust nothing, not even yourself! Designed to ensnare your mind, nothing is as it seems in there!

They call it a museum, but…

It’s not really a museum in the traditional sense. You need to behave in museums; there’s no running around lest you knock over a 800-year old exhibit or something. However, at the Museum of Illusions, by all means, exercise your lungs and your legs. Run around trying to escape certain rooms, or “OI!” your friend on the other side of the museum when you spot something interesting. Most exhibits are also interactive, so you can definitely touch them without fear of repercussion!

When Your Eyes Deceive You

Museum of Illusions feature over 70 exhibits, and every single one of them is designed to fool you. It kind of makes you realise how much you rely on your “automatic” reactions to make sense of this world. In the Ames Room, you’ll grow and shrink in different parts of the room. In the Vortex Tunnel, you’ll feel like you’re about to be swept off your feet at any second, although apparently and obviously the ground is flat and stable. Not only for entertainment purposes, the museum also aims to educate visitors. Illusions are mind’s tricks, and through illusions you can discover how and why your brain works in certain ways. There are also games and puzzles to solve, and a shop where you can buy back what intrigues you.

Illusions Around the World

The very first Museum of Illusions opened in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2015. Since then, it has expanded to five other locations worldwide: Belgrade (Serbia), Ljubtjana (Slovenia), Muscat (Oman), Vienna (Austria), and Zadar (Croatia). Malaysia is the first Asian country to host a Museum of Illusions, and the seventh location in the world. Other than Malaysia, the museum chain also plans to set food in several other cities by year end, including Athens, Berlin, Doha, Dubai, Kansas City, New York, Riyadh, and Toronto.

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Museum of Illusions officially open on 27th of June, and tickets are priced at RM 35 for adults and RM 25 for children under the age of 15. There are special rates for group tickets, so round up your friends and go together! Opening hours are form 9 am to 11 pm daily, and it’s located at Ansa Hotel, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL. Have fun fighting your mind in there!