7 Types of Housemates No One Wants To Live With

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For those who have just finished school, leaving the parents’ nest is the true mark of adulthood. No longer would you be subjected to obligatory visit to the relatives or have to sneak in when you come home late. But living with total strangers isn’t all that it was hyped out to be, especially if you have to encounter these kinds of housemates:

1) The one who forgets to lock the bathroom door

This might sound oddly specific and specifically odd, but it happens more often than you think. Be careful with these kind, as some things can’t simply be unseen.

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2) The one who talks too much

They have the best intention, but the worst possible timing, like when you’re about to beat the final boss and they popped in just to share their latest bad haircut stories.

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3) The one who never takes out the trash

They could be the very same person that never does the dishes, unclogs the drain, or leaves the toilet seat back down. Which is convenient, since you can get rid of all the aforementioned problems by getting rid of them altogether.

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4) The one who leaves notes for every little thing

Rather than communicating via the old and proven method of a face-to-face conversation (or at least by texting), they rather show discontent using the physical paper form. If you reply with another note, you’re just encouraging the behaviour.

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5) The one who never replaces what they borrowed

They will take your toothpaste, they will take your Maggi Mee, they will take away everything you have ever loved. They will leave just a tiny bit of milk in the carton so they won’t have to replace it.

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6) The one who brings home all of their friends

Housewarming all day errday!

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7) The one you have never actually met

…but you know of their existence. You can hear their footsteps in the living room yet as soon as come out, they disappear. Like a ninja.

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 Which type of housemate you can never tolerate? Share with us.