7 Places To Enjoy Curry Mee Goodness in Penang

7 Places To Enjoy Curry Mee Goodness in Penang

A visit to Penang isn’t complete without tasting some of their delicious street food. Among them has to be a bowl of curry mee. Unless you can’t handle spicy food, their curry mee typically consists of yellow noodles and/or vermicelli with other ingredients such as cockles and tofu puffs soaked in a curry broth. Pair with a dollop of chilli paste and you’re in for a fiery treat! So, here are 7 places to enjoy curry mee goodness in Penang.

1) Lorong Seratus Tahun

No curry mee in Penang would be complete without mentioning Lorong Seratus Tahun. Overrated? Well, that depends on your expectations. But given the fact that it has managed to survive many decades since 1960, it’s hard to deny their famous curry mee is the stuff of legend. Here, you’ll get a bowl consisting of thick curry broth infused with coconut milk, slurpy noodles and other bite-sized ingredients such as cockles, prawns and tofu puffs. The added chilli paste, of course, completes this savoury-fiery noodle dish.

Address: 55, Lorong Seratus Tahun, 10400 George Town, Penang.

Lorong Seratus Tahun
Image Credit: @hanzjonathan

2) Kedai Kopi Bobo

An otherwise typical coffee shop at Taman Lip Sin, Kedai Kopi Bobo houses a few good stalls that sell Hokkien mee and curry mee. The latter is served in a white curry mee style, offering piping-hot milky curry broth that goes well with the noodles, cockles, and other delicious ingredients worth digging in. Don’t forget to mix it altogether with the chilli paste for that savoury-spicy kick. Best paired with Kedai Kopi Bobo’s signature coffee-in-the-condensed milk can.

Address: G-23, Lengkok Nipah 2, Taman Lip Sin, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Kedai Kopi Bobo
Image Credit: @mimo_0420

3) Hot Bowl

Here is another recommended spot if you prefer your curry mee in a milky white broth. Locals and travellers alike love to frequent Hot Bowl for its aforementioned signature dish. And frankly, it’s easy to see why. Each bowl comes with a mouthwatering combination of noodles and savoury, yet fragrant coconut milk broth along with the rest of the bite-sized toppings. Best added with a dollop or more of the chilli paste and mix it all together.

Address: 58-C, Jalan Rangoon, 10400 George Town, Penang.

Hot Bowl
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4) Chulia Street Curry Mee

If you prefer your curry mee spicy-sweet, consider trying the one at Chulia Street Curry Mee in Lebuh Carnarvon. Expect the usual ingredients that go into the aromatic curry broth, covering the noodles as well as tofu puffs, prawns, cockles and fish balls. Top it with a dollop of chilli paste and dig in!

Address: 1C, Lebuh Carnarvon, 10200 George Town, Penang.

Chulia Street Curry Mee
Image Credit: @lloydthelostboy

5) Uncle Loke Curry Mee

Kompleks Desiran Tanjung houses a row of stalls and one of them includes the highly-rated Uncle Loke Curry Mee. And get this: they are actually famous for their vegetarian curry mee with assorted veggies added into the bowl. The combination of yellow noodles and vermicelli add a distinctly bite texture and most of all — the curry broth itself! Packed with lots of flavours and has the right balance of savoury-spicy taste, it’s a fulfiling curry mee best enjoyed with a dollop of chilli paste.

Address: Stall No. 22, Kompleks Desiran Tanjung, Jalan Desiran Tanjung 3, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Pulau Pinang.

Uncle Loke Curry Mee
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6) Tua Pui Curry Mee

Tua Pui Curry Mee used to operate at Weld Quay but they have now relocated to Kimberley Street. Their popular curry mee is a favourite among many locals and tourists alike, thanks to its thick and spicy curry broth mixes with yellow noodles and other toppings. Speaking of toppings, you can choose different add-ons ranging from cockles to cuttlefish, tofu puff, coagulated pig’s blood and prawns.

Address: 23, Lebuh Kimberley, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

Tua Pui Curry Mee
Image Credit: @hock.chai.3

7) Air Itam Sister Curry Mee

Over 70 years and still counting! That’s how long this legendary Air Itam Sister Curry Mee has been around since 1946. Their curry noodles consist of everything that you come to expect from such a bowl. This includes the likes of yellow noodles, tofu puffs, coagulated pig’s blood, sliced cuttlefish and more — all of which are added into the aromatic curry broth. But what makes Air Itam Sister Curry Mee such a lasting favourite is their unique chilli paste added with cuttlefish, giving it a distinctly savoury-spicy kick when you add it to the curry noodles.

Address: Jalan Paya Terubong (Jalan Air Hitam), 11500 Air Itam, Penang.

Air Itam Sister Curry Mee
Image Credit: @6131947

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