Top 10 Nyonya Restaurants in Penang

Top 10 Nyonya Restaurants in Penang
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Home to many local cuisine, Penang is often seen as a go-to destination for both local and international foodies hunting for some good grub. And here is where you can find an excellent deal of Nyonya cuisines as well, given the island’s illustrious history of the Peranakan culture. Long story short, these are the Top 10 Nyonya Restaurants in Penang that you might want to check out on your next trip!

1) Richard Rivalee

Richard Rivalee

With its charmingly eclectic decor and various antiques on display, it sure feels like home at Richard Rivalee’s namesake restaurant. Cosy ambience aside, the fashion designer who also happens to be a chef specialises in authentic Nyonya cuisines. Expect familiar favourites like jiu hu char (fried jicama with shredded cuttlefish), Kapitan curry chicken and asam prawn. Remember to leave some room for dessert, notably the creamy Sago Pudding with Gula Melaka that comes highly recommended.

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2) Mum’s Nyonya Cuisine

Mum's Nyonya Cuisine

Home-cooked Nyonya dishes is what Mum’s Nyonya Cuisine does best. So good that even local and international celebrities from Nicol David to Jimmy Choo and Taiwanese director Ang Lee favoured this otherwise small eatery. Using generations-old family recipes, they excel in traditional Nyonya dishes like Kapitan chicken, asam prawn and sayur rumi (stir-fry vegetables with prawns).

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3) Bibik’s Kitchen Nyonya Cuisine

Bibik's Kitchen Nyonya Cuisine

Nyonya food lovers might want to check out this restaurant located at Jalan Sri Bahari. They serve a wide range of Nyonya cuisines, covering everything from loh bak (meat rolls) to gulai tumis and ayam pongteh. But if you are looking for recommendations, do try their signature jiu hu char and sambal prawn. To preserve authenticity, all of their foods — from the ingredients to preparations — are meticulously put together from scratch. Don’t forget to end your meal with the likes of Sago Gula Melaka or Bubur Cha Cha. | FB: Bibik.Kitchen | IG:

4) Kebaya Dining Room

Kebaya Dining Room

It’s traditional meets modernity at Kebaya Dining Room, complete with a homey decor that make you feel like you’re dining in a classic Baba Nyonya house. The modernity in question is by way of the food preparations, namely the sous-vide Pork Man Tou with pickled vegetables. Unlike most Nyonya restaurants, Kebaya Dining Room doesn’t serve à la carte food items but rather a 4-course menu per person. Covering appetisers to the main course and dessert, expect delectable varieties like Otak Otak, Grilled Chicken Kapitan and Pandan Creme Brulee. | FB: KebayaDiningRoom | IG: @kebaya_dining_room

5) Baba Phang

Baba Phang

Spearheaded by Chef Vincent, his 20+ years experience in traditional Nyonya cuisine speaks volumes at Baba Phang. Diners can look forward to different varieties upon browsing through the menu. They have familiar savoury dishes like Kapitan chicken, perut ikan (fish stomach curry), asam tumis ikan pari and acar rampai. Their prices are known to be reasonable and so are the portions as well.

FB: 88phang | IG: @babaphang

6) Nyonya Willow Restaurant

Nyonya Willow Restaurant

Nyonya Willow specialises in Northern Peranakan cuisines, combining home-cooked dishes and a cosy, family-friendly restaurant setting. For the former, try some of their signatures such as gulai tumis and asam prawn. Not to forget their nasi ulam, which happens to be one of the many customers’ top favourites. Set menus are available as well.

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7) Ivy’s Nyonya Cuisine

Ivy's Nyonya Cuisine

Here’s a family-run Nyonya eatery that prefers to keep things simple, complete with a pre-war house converted into a restaurant. And that’s the beauty of it. Nothing fancy, just a place for good food where families and individuals can taste various home-cooked meals. Expect classic Nyonya dishes like asam prawn, Kapitan curry chicken, loh bak and jiu hu char.

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8) Jason Nyonya House

Jason Nyonya House

Jason Nyonya House keeps things simple and casual when it comes to its home-cooked Nyonya foods. Those who regularly dine-in for Nyonya cuisines can expect the likes of Kapitan chicken, tau yu bak (braised pork in soy sauce), tu ka chor (braised pork trotters in vinegar) and asam pedas fish. Also, look out for today’s special by following their Facebook page for daily updates.

FB: JasonNyonyaHousePenang | IG: @jasonnyonyahouse

9) Auntie Gaik Lean’s Old School Eatery

Auntie Gaik Lean's Old School Eatery

Amidst its rustic decor lies a plethora of scrumptious Nyonya dishes under one roof. Menus are diverse, with familiar offerings like nasi ulam, salted duck soup as well as asam pedas fish and Kapitan chicken. Some of the recommended dishes worth trying here include the beef rendang, asam prawn and sambal eggplant (brinjal). And while you are at it, don’t forget to cool off with a glass of freshly-squeezed nutmeg juice.

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10) Perut Rumah Nyonya Cuisine

Perut Rumah Nyonya Cuisine

Perut Rumah Nyonya Cuisines offers the best of both worlds with the delightfully old-school setting and good food all in one. The latter, of course, is what matters the most. Among their recommended dishes on the menu includes acar hu (fish pickles), poh piah chee (fried spring rolls) and kerabu hai tay (jelly fish kerabu). Chicken lovers might want to try their Nyonya-styled fried chicken called Inchee Kabin or the signature kari Kapitan (Kapitan curry chicken). As for those craving for seafood varieties, don’t miss out the likes of kiam hu kut curry (salted fish bone curry) or asam pedas (tamarind fish curry).

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