6 Traits Most Malaysian Men are Missing – according to the ladies

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We asked 20 women what they think about Malaysian men, in particular the traits that they possess. The good news is they think that most Malaysian men are generous, responsible, hardworking, and humorous, just to name a few. In contrast, here are some of the traits Malaysian men lack.

1) Romance

Every women fantasizes about being swept off her feet. However, this is one important trait found missing in many Malaysian men. Perhaps it is the ego, many Malaysian men prefer to hide their more vulnerable side and desire for women.

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2) Knows How to Cook & Clean

Traditionally, women are expected to know how to cook and clean. But the time has changed and it is all about self-sufficiency now. A man who cares enough to take the effort to cook one or two meals will win any woman’s heart.

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3) Height

This missing trait is not without proof. Best represented by this chart from ASEAN DNA, you can see that the average height of Malaysian men is 165 cm. Good luck to those of you dudes who are shorter than 165 cm.

Image Credit: ASEAN DNA

4) Fitness & Build

Most Malaysian women don’t tell but they do appreciate fit body, if not a masculine build. It tells a woman you can keep up with her, in bed and out.

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5) Sense of Style

Nothing to do with having a handsome face here, sloppiness turns women off. Especially when you are going out. The man who wears a flip-flop with button shirt and short will not reflect well on the woman you are with.

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6) Meticulousness

Meticulousness is about showing extreme care about minute details. Whether you are precise and sharp enough to know if a ‘No’ is a ‘Yes’ for women or what a woman really wants. So boys, is this one of the traits missing in you? ‘You-know-i-know-lah’

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The ladies have spoken. So guys. What do you think? Share with us.