Why Apple’s $1,000 Monitor Stand Is Actually Bad Marketing

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Apple recently had their Worldwide Developers Conference for this year. During the conference, they unveiled some new products. This includes the new Mac Pro which many are comparing to the looks of a cheese grater. But most of the feedback is about the monitor stand and it has people feeling all sorts of ways.

Apple’s New Mac Pro

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The new Mac Pro is presenting itself as a competitor to computers used for processing professional audio and visuals. Many of those who edit and work on lots of visual production may find it appealing.

But what isn’t appealing is the price. The Mac Pro is being sold for a baseline of $6,000 which does not even include the monitor.

Display and Monitor Stand

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Apple has named the monitor used for the Mac Pro as ‘Pro Display XDR’. It is a 32-inch monitor with a 6k quality display. And it is being sold for the attractive price of $5,000.

However, what has everyone really riled up is the monitor stand. This is being sold separately from the monitor for a whopping $1,000.

And of course a lot of people are upset over this and feeling like Apple is just trying to take more of their money. Which is easy to understand since Apple has been slowly incorporating this tactic. Take for example the recent iPhone that got rid of the headphone jack and then sold a headphone adaptor separately.

It is also because a lot of people always see a stand as being part of the package. A TV should come with its own stand and the same applies to a computer monitor. Many people expect the price of the stand to be incorporated to the price they pay

A New Way Of Marketing It

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Yet, popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) has given his two cents about the cost. He notes that many people that the Mac Pro is targeted towards already have their own set up.

This includes a monitor stand that they usually hold on to when they make any upgrades. So when they purchase a new monitor they simply switch it out with the old one while using the same stand.

Which is why MKBHD notes that Apple should have marketed this set up in a better way. He says “this is a $6,000 monitor, but if you want to buy it without a stand it’s $1,000 off.” You can check out his video here.

At the end of the day, Apple could have avoided a lot of confusion and mixed feelings if they had simply phrased themselves differently. The way that MKBHD proposes makes a lot more sense. Especially when he also explains the target audience of this monitor.