6 Colourpop Eyeshadow Palettes To Snag This 11.11!

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Tick tock, tick tock. We’re mere days away from the 11.11 sale, and we’re pretty sure everyone is gearing up to grab the greatest deals on that day! Cosmetic brand Colourpop has been steadily rising with new product launches every week, and we can’t get enough of them! Furthermore, their products are of quality at an affordable price. There’s nothing we love more than a good deal on an already good deal, so read on and discover these Colourpop eyeshadow palettes to get! (For yourself, as a gift, whatever!)

1) Golden State Of Mind

The Golden State Of Mind palette was a limited edition eyeshadow palette, but you could still get it today, thankfully. Maybe not from Colourpop’s site itself, but that’s what online shopping sites are for! All shades in this palette are shimmer shades with no mattes, so it works best for those who like to palette-pair. However, you can’t deny that its shades are ethereal and dreamy, perfect as finishing touches!

Image Credit: temptalia.com

2) Whatever

The name says it all. Made up of a mixture of metallic and matte shades of russet and rust, you can use this palette with whatever you wear, however you want. A good all-around palette to fall back on as it has light to dark shades, from pastel to rich colours as well. If Malaysia had four seasons, this would actually be the perfect autumn/fall palette!

Image Credit: colourpop.com

3) Lilac You A Lot

This magical palette features nine shades of purple, as its name tells you. Just like the Whatever palette, this palette has metallic and matte finishes as well, making application a breeze especially if your look is purple-centric. Not only does Colourpop have a palette dedicated to the colour purple, but they also have palettes centred around other colours such as blue, green, orange and yellow!

Image Credit: colourpop.com

4) Fem Rosa

A collaboration with Karrueche Tran, the Fem Rosa palette has 12 rosy shades, romantic and reminiscent of well, roses! There are shades ranging from neutrals to rich mattes, and easy to pair with most colours and outfits. Depending on what shades you use, this palette is great for daily use or even for special occasions!

Image Credit: temptalia.com

5) California Love

Have you been to California? The West Coast can show you a pretty spectacular sunset, and that’s what California Love is all about! Featuring warm, golden hues that speak about glorious sunsets and sandy beaches, this palette has everything from metallics, mattes and even a pressed glitter! With its hues named Gold Rush and Cruisin’, how can you not want one of these?

Image Credit: colourpop.com

6) Baby Got Peach

Sometimes, you’ve got to go back to the basics, and this palette is it. 9 shades in 3 finishes is all you need to create a put-together look perfect for any occasion. Its peachy shades are neutral enough, yet add a pop of colour just enough to brighten up your look. Whether you’re aiming for looks that are understated, basic or extra, you definitely need Baby Got Peach!

Image Credit: colourpop.com

Article inspired by OMGloh.