Top 9 Horror Shows/Movies on iflix You Wouldn’t Want to Watch Alone

If you are #FOREVERALONE, walk away, don’t read this article. This article will do you no good. Because it’s about to be Halloween, and iflix has picked 9 bloody good horror flicks for you to watch to get into the spirit of things. We highly recommend a movie companion to survive this. If not for courage, then perhaps just for a human stress ball.

1) The Omen

The movie that has done more for family planning than castration. Damien, the son of the Devil, is born into an influential family with great political ties. His Mom thinks there’s something not quite right with him, especially considering that small hint in the form of a “666” marking on his head. Dad thinks Mom is just paranoid. He is wrong.


2) Paranormal Activity

Even scarier than celeb sex tapes are the things this family finds in their security videos. Doors slamming, unexplained footsteps on the floor, your Friday night behaviour… and more. Is that sleep walking or demon possession? Whatever it is, it’s freaky as hell.


3) American Horror Story

A haunted house. A mental asylum. A coven. The first 3 seasons of American Horror Story had 3 different settings to tell their creepy tales. You gotta love the versatility of the actors (each season sees the same cast in shockingly different roles). The theme song(s) and opening credits are already pretty disturbing. Can you imagine the rest of the plot line?


4) Child’s Play

“Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?” YEAH, NO. *Runs away* A ‘Good Guy’ doll houses the spirit of Charles Lee Ray, aka ‘Chucky’, who died at a police shootout and had his spirit transferred into the doll via Voodoo. And despite his lack of height and mobility, Chucky sets out for revenge. Next time you buy a doll, do check if batteries or soul are included.


5) Silent Hill

An adaptation of the cult video game; Silent Hill truly is one of those movies with spectacular special effects & graphics that does justice to its video game inspiration. Fantastical, gory, bloody, you name it… This movie ticks all the boxes. Shout out to the hot faceless dead nurses in the basement!


6) Susuk

Women go to great lengths for beauty. Facials, botox, facelifts and some, even the ancient black magic beauty regime of Susuk. But like all things, beauty comes with a price. Disobey the rules and you suffer the consequences. Death by the spirits you conjure, is one of them.


7) The Final Destination

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, who’s next to die nobody knows! If you like ‘1000 Ways To Die’, then you’ll love this movie. The set-up is slow, calculated and almost always ends with a bang (quite literally for some of the characters).


8) 28 weeks later

The Rage Virus (No, really. That’s what it’s called!) cannot be simply annihilated, like it’s name… it rages on! 6 months after the original epidemic in the British Isles, when everyone thinks they’re safe from flesh-eating zombies, an outbreak happens again. And this time, it’s even worse. The virus has mutated making the infected more dangerous than ever.


9) Friday the 13th

When will college students ever learn that the combination of a cabin, the woods and a party is never a good idea. Add a dude called Jason, his hockey mask and machete and you know it’ll all end in tears. Friday The 13th is a Halloween classic. Nothing gets you in the mood more than screaming teenagers running away trying not to get hacked into pieces.


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